Will Nestlé's Wood-Based Water Bottles Really Help the Environment?

The goal is to achieve an entirely petroleum-free bottle in just six years.
Wyatt Marshall

At Least 50 Factories in China Have Been Making Fake Condiments with Toxic Ingredients

From recycled gutter oil to contaminated baby food, China has a pretty poor record of food safety scandals in recent years. Unfortunately, it's about to get worse.
Wyatt Marshall

Nestlé Is Being Sued for Putting Too Much 'Empty Space' in Raisinets Boxes

As this lawsuit rages on, we may be forced to confront the terrifying possibility that we're getting ripped off at movie concession stands.
Nick Rose

Why Nestlé Is Cutting the Sugar in Its Chocolate by Nearly Half

And without impacting flavor, apparently.
Phoebe Hurst
food science

The Science Behind Willy Wonka Isn't as Far-Fetched as It Seems

How close are we to creating a gobstopper whose flavor is actually everlasting? What will the first real-life Fizzy Lifting Drinks be made of?
Jelisa Castrodale

Nestlé Is Betting Big on the Future of Medicinal Food

They created a company called Nestlé Health Science, which describes itself as “a health-science company aiming to foster a therapeutic role for nutrition in healthcare.
Alex Swerdloff
southeast asia

This ‘Lucky’ Pasta Could Save Bhutan from MSG Noodles

Students from Bhutan’s Royal Thimphu College have created an MSG-free wheat flour pasta shaped to look like the lucky “endless knot” symbol of Buddhist traditions.
Nathan A. Thompson

An Article About Nestlé's Use of Slave Labor Was Sponsored by Their Competitor

Competition can be nasty in the corporate food business, and sometimes a blow can be delivered in a surprising way.
Alex Swerdloff

Candy Makers Are Desperate to Reverse a Potential "Chocopalypse"

It’s a lot to think about, and you’re probably not going to do so next time you unwrap a candy bar. But half a world away, a farmer is urging his plants to grow more and bigger cocoa pods for an industry that produces one of the most loved food...
Wyatt Marshall

Scientists Have Developed a Coffee That Could Keep You Wired All Day

The inevitable crash that comes after your morning cup o' Joe could soon be a thing of the past as Nestlé claims to have developed a coffee that "slow releases" its caffeine.
Phoebe Hurst
california drought

The Government Is Being Sued For Letting Nestlé Bottle Drought-Stricken California’s Water

The US Forest Service is being sued for allowing Nestlé to siphon water from San Bernardino National Forest by way of an expired permit from 1988.
Alex Swerdloff
south america

Venezuelans Are So Desperate for Food That They're Looting Supermarkets

On Friday, one person was found dead from a gunshot wound to the chest and a dozen others were arrested after a mob allegedly looted four supermarkets in Bolívar.
Javier Cabral