Restaurants Are Hosting Blindfolded Dinners Because 'Bird Box' Looked Like So Much Fun

At one event, diners must remain silent and the three-course meal will be soundtracked with sounds of chirping birds and rushing water.
Jelisa Castrodale

‘Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’ Is the Culinary Travel Show that Home Cooks Need Now

We talked to Samin Nosrat about the new Netflix series based on her best-selling book, and why imperfection is an asset when it comes to food.
Danielle Wayda

Nicole Byer Is the Host that Food Television Needs

In Season 2 of Netflix's 'Nailed It,' she's back to fix your baking disasters—and the boring traditions of cooking shows.
Nadja Sayej

How a Cult Used Salad Bars to Orchestrate the Worst Bioterror Attack in US History

A new Netflix documentary, 'Wild Wild Country,' revisits the 1984 Rajneeshee bioterror attack that infected 751 people with salmonella.
Mayukh Sen

Pizza Hut's New Delivery Technology Is Straight Out of 'Black Mirror'

You may remember the self-driving pizza delivery truck from the extra-creepy episode "Crocodile." Guess what? It's here.
Jelisa Castrodale

Get Drunk in the Upside Down at This 'Stranger Things' Pop-Up Bar

There's a slushie garnished with an Eggo, because of course there is.
Hilary Pollack

Hungry for Demagorgon Pie? Netflix Just Dropped These Crazy ‘Stranger Things’ Recipes

Ever wanted to eat a bowl of soup that looks like Barb's face, or a Demagorgon Pie? Anyone?
Hilary Pollack

'Stranger Things' Has Triggered the Chocolate Pudding Nostalgia in All of Us

Following its appearance in the show, enthusiasm has been so great for Snack Pack pudding’s retro look that ConAgra is considering bringing it back to appease fervent fans.
Hilary Pollack
food TV

Michael Pollan Wants You to Get Off the Internet and Back in the Kitchen

I spoke to slow food evangelist Michael Pollan about his new Netflix docu-series <i>Cooked</i> and why everyone should learn how to roast a chicken.
Matthew Zuras

The ‘Netflix’ of Beer Wants to Deliver Craft Beer to Your Door

We caught up with Brewpublik co-founder Charlie Mulligan to discuss how statistical algorithms can make for happy customers, good beer, and good business.
Nick Rose
food porn

There's Great Beauty in Other People's Burnt Pizzas

The internet wasn't just made for pretty pictures of food. Some people eat burnt pizzas and microwaved beans from a mug, and the success of the dimlylitmealsforone Tumblr proves that these people deserve a platform to share their meals, even if it is...
Tom Kennedy
Fat tv

Here's the Rub Behind the (Slightly) Racist Ribs in 'House of Cards'

Welcome to our new column, FAT TV, in which we dissect the relationship of food on the small screen. For our first installment, we turn to Netflix's <i>House of Cards</i>, where even the most chillingly devious of politicians can't resist a nice rack...
Richard Parks