The Beauty of the British Hospital Canteen

Despite funding cuts and back door privatization, the NHS is still Britain’s greatest achievement. And where better to taste that founding spirit of care and social justice than in its communal dining spaces?
Nell Frizzel

The Average Scot Drinks 116 Bottles of Wine a Year

Recent public health data suggests that the average adult Scot purchased 10.8 litres of pure alcohol. That's roughly 41 bottles of vodka, 116 bottles of wine, or 477 pints of beer for every adult in Scotland
Nick Rose

British Hospital Cafes Are Introducing a Tax on Sugary Drinks

In a bid to tackle Britain's growing obesity problem, NHS chief executive Simon Stevens has announced a 20 percent levy on all sugary drinks and foods sold in NHS cafes.
Phoebe Hurst

This Race Gives Runners a Glass of Wine Every Two Miles

Participants in Glasgow’s upcoming ten-kilometre run will be given a different wine to sample at each two-mile rest stop, with full bottles available to buy at the end of the race.
Phoebe Hurst

A New Survey Says That Brits Drink More Than Pretty Much Anyone

A new survey of people in the UK, Germany, Australia, America, and China has found that Brits are more likely to binge drink, go to the pub, and drink at home than their international counterparts.
Phoebe Hurst

The NHS Has Been Prescribing Hundreds of Thousands of Gluten-Free Pizzas

Thanks to an antiquated system dating back to the 1960s when gluten-free food was actually hard to find, the NHS has been writing out prescriptions for food suitable for celiac sufferers.
Alex Swerdloff

Food Hygiene Goes Out of the Window When Brits Barbecue

Just in time for all those oh-shit-summer’s-nearly-over-let’s-eat-outdoors barbecues, research has found that Britain has some pretty sorry hygiene standards when it comes to grilling meat.
Phoebe Hurst
hospital food

RIP UK Hospital Food As We Know It (Hopefully)

Will Britain's health secretary Jeremy Hunt's new, legally-binding measures really change the piss-poor state of food in NHS hospitals?
Eleanor Morgan

A Buzz-Killing Pill Won't Stop Young People from Binge Drinking

Nalmefene is being reported as some sort of wonder drug for alcohol abuse and a way of combatting binge drinking. But are young people ready to kill their buzz?
Josh Barrie