Pink Daiquiri

The New Orleans cocktail for steamy weather and ass shakin' dance parties.
Munchies Staff
New Orleans

13 Really Damn Cool Restaurants, Bars, and Shops in New Orleans

There are a lot of amazing places in the Big Easy that don't really fall into any category, other than "really fucking cool" and "definitely worth the effort of finding and checking out."
Munchies Staff
New Orleans

Our 9 Favorite New Orleans Cocktail Bars

If you want to get away from all that Bourbon Street rabble, we have a list of cocktail bars that is equal parts classic and soigné.
Munchies Staff
Drink Me

Japanese Julep

A twist on the Southern classic, but this version features Japanese whiskey, plum Soju, and shiso leaves.
New Orleans

Chef's Night Out: Tory McPhail

We headed down to New Orleans to hang with Tory McPhail, chef at Commander's Palace, who showed us that a night out in the French Quarter is best spent drinking whiskey, eating Creole food, and drinking more whiskey.
Munchies Staff
New Orleans

New Orleans Invented America's First Fusion Cuisine

I was told early on in my cooking career that if you want to be a really great chef, you should move to New York City, but if you really want to learn how to cook, you move to New Orleans. I followed those directions, and have watched The Big Easy...
Tory McPhail
Life on the Swamp

Men Don’t Want Anything to Do with Single Women on the Swamp

In the second installment of this swamp series, Rachel Nederveld realizes that life can get pretty damn lonely when you're living alone on a houseboat in the middle of the Cajun swamp, especially when your male neighbors ignore you altogether.
Rachel Nederveld

Learning How to Survive on the Cajun Swamp

I left city life behind to try to live alone—with my dog—on a houseboat on the disappearing Cajun swamp, where living conditions involved finding cottonmouth snakes in my bed, no neighbors or grocery stores, and a lonesome propane tank to cook my meals.
Rachel Nederveld