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This Vegan 'Power Breakfast' Will Make You Feel Like a Million Bucks

Health is easy when it tastes like coconut yogurt, fresh fruit, and almond-butter toast.
Munchies Staff

Surprise: Super-Thick Foods Will Make You Feel Full

A recent study has found that thicker foods create feelings of “phantom fullness,” a sensation that might keep you from overeating.
Wyatt Marshall

A Japanese Study Says Eating This Food Will Stop You from Going Bald

According to a study, curry is the very reason why the island nation of Japan doesn’t have many naturally bald men.
Alex Swerdloff

Here's a New, Scientific Excuse to Eat More Cinnamon Rolls

Don't start prepping for the Cinnamon Challenge yet, but the spice just might make you a smarter learner.
Wyatt Marshall

A Major Whiskey Brand Is About to Start Listing Its Nutrition Facts

But last spring, British alcohol giant Diageo announced that they would be taking the reins and voluntarily start labeling many of their products, which including a variety of brands from Smirnoff to Captain Morgan to Guinness. Now, they’re putting...
Hilary Pollack
Fast Food

Fast-Casual Restaurants Pile On Even More Calories than Fast Food

If you're trying to cut calories, fast-casual restaurants are a worse place to grab a bite than regular fast-food restaurants.
Wyatt Marshall

Stop Dumping Salt All Over Everything, Says FDA

The FDA's new salt consumption guidelines are here, and they urge us to seriously scale back on sodium.
Wyatt Marshall

San Francisco Is Putting Warning Labels on Soda Ads, Opposition Be Damned

The labels—opposed by industry groups—will appear on ads on billboards, bus stops, stadiums, and posters and will warn consumers about how eating sugar contributes to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay.
Hilary Pollack

This Guy Eats Chocolate for Every Meal and Is Probably Healthier Than You

Chocolatier Willie Harcourt-Cooze reckons he eats the equivalent of 36 kilograms of 100 percent cacao a year, which is like eating the chocolate content of 137 kilograms of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.
Johanna Derry

A Major Food Brand Says You Should Only Eat Its Pasta Sauce Once a Week or Less

Mars' subsidiary brand Dolmio wants you to know that their pesto, carbonara, creamy tomato, and lasagna sauces really aren't very good for you.
Wyatt Marshall

The Humble Bean Is a Magical Weight Loss Food

Beans may be staples in other parts of the world, but here in America we eat just six pounds of beans per person per year, according to Sass, compared to 33 pounds of cheese and 74 pounds of red meat. Now could be the time to eat more: a study says...
Wyatt Marshall

Meet the Australian Man Who's Eating Nothing But Potatoes for a Whole Year

Andrew Taylor—a 36-year-old teacher, husband, and father from Melbourne—is currently in his fourth month of eating literally nothing but potatoes.
Gigen Mammoser