Old People


LaCroix CEO Blames 'Injustice' For Slumping Sales, Compares Seltzer Brand to the 'Handicapped'

During the quarter that ended in January, its parent company's profit fell 39.6 percent and its revenue was down by 2.9 percent.
Jelisa Castrodale
Hong Kong

This Hong Kong Food Startup Hires the Elderly to Package Its Organic Frozen Dinners

Kenneth Choi Man-Kin's project not only provides jobs and a sense of community for the elderly, but also combats food waste from local farms.
Lauren Rothman

Tomatoes Can Prevent Men From Having To Pee In The Middle of The Night

A compound found in tomatoes could be the secret to ending your middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom.
Wyatt Marshall

Elderly People Are Drinking a Ton and Loving It

One out of five people over the age of 65 is drinking at "unsafe levels," and we're mostly talking old, rich, well-educated white people, says a new study.
Hilary Pollack

Wine Spritzers Should Taste Like the Beach House You'll Never Own

The wine spritzer is a summer staple from a simpler time—when your aunts wore floral denim shorts and talked about one day buying a beach house over bottles of Bartles & Jaymes because it was the 90s and people could actually buy beach houses.
Marissa A. Ross

MUNCHIES Guide to the Basque Country - Part 4

Irene visits Ordizia Market, where granddads have been congregating for gossip, snacks, and hat-wearing for centuries, then feasts at award-winning vineyard Remelluri.
Irene Peralta
Best of 2014

Best Of 2014: Old People Still Know More Than We Do

We like to think that we can learn a lot more from our elders, and this year we surely did. We met the foul-mouthed godfather of ceviche in Peru, the official witch of Salem (and her chicken soup), and the guy who literally wrote the book on North...
Munchies Staff

Ass Milk Is the Drink of Choice for European Babies and Elderly Chinese

With lactose intolerance and allergies on the rise, cow milk consumption has been on the downslope for four decades.
Lauren Rothman

Old Ladies in India Are the Best Cooks in the World

It's me, Dapwell, former member of rap group, Das Racist. I'm currently in South India hanging out with my grandmother, watching Indian soap operas, talking shit, and eating too much. Old ladies around here are still the best cooks in the world.
Ashok Kondabolu