I Escaped An Alcohol-Free Iran to Make Wine In Oregon

In Persian literature, there is no subject covered as much as wine. Not just the taste and flavor of wine, but the spirit of wine. My winery in Oregon celebrates this.
Moe Momtazi

These Tips Will Help You Quit Your Day Job and Start a Small Food Business

We reached out to Michael Madigan of KitchenCru in Portland, Oregon to find out. In short, be prepared to work harder than you’ve ever worked before.
Javier Cabral

Why I Stopped Baking My Pizzas In Wood-Burning Ovens

After working with wood ovens since the early 90s, I asked myself: How much land is being cleared because of our foodservice demand for wood?
Alan Maniscalco

The Life and Death of Portland’s Bike-Powered Coffee Roaster

Portland is known for bikes, coffee, and hipsters. If you put those three things together, you get a charm-oozing café fueled by a bicycle-powered, wood-fired coffee roaster.
Jack Rushall
Filipino food

How I Helped Portland Embrace Filipino Food

"In the long run, I think Filipino food can absolutely get as mainstream as Thai and Chinese food. It's going to go through the same processes through which those cuisines went—an Americanization phase, then to many different offshoots under young...
Carlo Lamagna

Should We Really Blame Weed Legalization for Declining Beer Sales?

A recent report found a correlation between marijuana legalization and a decline in beer sales. But the truth is a lot more complicated.
Jelisa Castrodale

These Turkey Meatballs Might Change Your Thanksgiving Feast Forever

Created by Joshua McFadden of Ava Genes in Portland, Oregon, this version of a Thanksgiving feast is very accessible to younger cooks or those who are easily intimidated by the prospect of cooking a whole turkey.
Javier Cabral

Who Is Behind the Recent Attacks on Portland's Food Carts?

In less than two weeks, five separate Portland food cart pods have been hit by vandals who clearly are not as enthusiastic about the concept as most Portlandians.
Nick Rose

Meet the Man Who Reinvented Salt in America

Officially launching his enterprise in 2011, Ben Jacobsen upended America’s perception of hand-harvested sea salt when he created Jacobsen Salt Co.
Michaela Trimble

This Portland Elementary School-Turned-Restaurant Is Haunted By an Undead Boy

I had just started the job when two women came running down the hallway pale in the face. They ran out of the building and never came back because of what they saw.
Cynthia Major

Donald Trump’s BS Has Inspired a Food Truck

On Saturday, a Donald Trump-themed food truck rolled out in Portland, Oregon, offering an edible take on the Republican presidential nominee’s BS—in this case, baloney sandwiches.
Jack Rushall

This Is the Secret to Making a Great Paella

However you choose to make or eat your paella—straight from the pan with a spoon is the original Spanish way—just make sure to remember that paella means family, sitting down around a table, and having a good time.
José Chesa