Pacific Northwest

Fast Food

Burgerville Workers in Portland Successfully Form First Fast Food Union in US

The union marks a major victory in the ongoing struggle for fast food workers' rights.
Dave Minsky

The MUNCHIES Guide to Washington: Classic Seattle

Host Tarik Abdullah kicks off our journey around the Emerald State with a taste of Seattle’s classics: coffee, seafood, teriyaki, and late-night burgers at the beloved Dick’s Drive-In.
Tarik Abdullah

This Tiny Oregon Brewery Is Making Rustic Beer with Fruit and Nuts

The founder treats trees as if they were different hop varieties. His Sebastian Rhubarb ale, for example, is a full-bodied, “basement-y” saison brewed with Douglas fir needles from his farm and heirloom rhubarb.
Javier Cabral

I Escaped An Alcohol-Free Iran to Make Wine In Oregon

In Persian literature, there is no subject covered as much as wine. Not just the taste and flavor of wine, but the spirit of wine. My winery in Oregon celebrates this.
Moe Momtazi

These Tips Will Help You Quit Your Day Job and Start a Small Food Business

We reached out to Michael Madigan of KitchenCru in Portland, Oregon to find out. In short, be prepared to work harder than you’ve ever worked before.
Javier Cabral
Filipino food

How I Helped Portland Embrace Filipino Food

"In the long run, I think Filipino food can absolutely get as mainstream as Thai and Chinese food. It's going to go through the same processes through which those cuisines went—an Americanization phase, then to many different offshoots under young...
Carlo Lamagna

These Turkey Meatballs Might Change Your Thanksgiving Feast Forever

Created by Joshua McFadden of Ava Genes in Portland, Oregon, this version of a Thanksgiving feast is very accessible to younger cooks or those who are easily intimidated by the prospect of cooking a whole turkey.
Javier Cabral

This Is the Secret to Making a Great Paella

However you choose to make or eat your paella—straight from the pan with a spoon is the original Spanish way—just make sure to remember that paella means family, sitting down around a table, and having a good time.
José Chesa

How Portland’s Most Jaw-Dropping Kati Roll Gets Made

It is an impeccable reiteration of the classic with each creamy, crispy, tender, spicy, sweet, and sour element forming a heck of a magical bite—especially when washed down with a glass of Bollywood Theater’s warm chai.
Javier Cabral
Vietnamese Food

Why This Chef Is Taking Vietnamese Food to Another Level in Seattle

Some people thought it was a little bit bold for this chef to open a Vietnamese restaurant that had things like crispy frog legs with lemongrass, chili, and a tamarind dip on the menu.
Javier Cabral
Molecular Gastronomy

Even Scandinavian Chefs Think a Little Overcooked Meat Beats Perfection

Chef Magnus Nilsson doesn't really mind if a steak is slightly undercooked in the middle and slightly overcooked on the outside. After all, the science of cooking perfectly is something that has never existed before now.
Julia Wayne
Action Bronson

Action Bronson’s Eating Guide for Episode Two of ‘Fuck, That’s Delicious’

Heading to the Pacific Northwest sometime soon? Here are all the ever-so-delicious stops that Action made in Washington and Oregon, eating grass-fed lamb, superb seafood, and more.
Munchies Staff