A History of Stargazy Pie, England's Strangest Christmas Dish

Stargazy pie is an odd-looking invention—a dish where fish gaze up at the sky from a buttery crust—but it's more, too. It's said to be born of famine.
Josh Barrie

Apple Pie

Pick a combination of apple varieties for a balance of acid, sugar, and tannin in your pie. But remember that apples must be ripe for full flavor. If the seeds are darkening, the apple is mature.
Tom Burford
Action Bronson

How-To: Make Borek with Action Bronson and His Aunt

Watch as Mr. Wonderful and his aunt teach you how to make borek, a stuffed puff pastry pie of sorts that she fills with sautéed ground beef and onion.
Action Bronson
Weed Week

This Woman Ditched Her Software Career to Make Weed Desserts For a Living

“I didn’t know anything about cannabis,” she laughs. “All I knew was what the leaf looked like.”
Elise McDonough

Inside the Willy Wonka Baklava Factory of Turkey

Gaziantep, located in southeast Turkey at the crossroads of the Mediterranean and Mesopotamia, is the pistachio capital of the country. Coincidentally, Gaziantep is home to some of the world’s the best baklava.
VICE Staff

Why Swedes Are Trying to Preserve a Pastry That Could Break Your Teeth

Skånsk Spettkaka is a Swedish egg-based pastry that looks like housing material and has been described to taste like a cross between styrofoam and straight sugar.
Theo Hagman Rogowski

We Asked Nigella Lawson for Her Christmas Dinner Game Plan

“Write a list of everything you plan to cook on Christmas Day,” advises Nigella Lawson, TV chef and unrivalled domestic goddess. “Then go away, drink a cup of tea, and strike out about half the dishes you’d planned.”
Phoebe Hurst

San Francisco’s Most Beautiful Hot Dog Isn’t a Hot Dog at All

Nick Muncy, the inventive pastry chef at San Francisco's lauded restaurant Coi, always wanted to be an artist. “In high school it was more like, 'What’s a more realistic job that involves that?'”
Natalie B. Compton

Eating Every Sausage Roll and Cornish Pasty I Could Find in a Suburban Gas Station

Ginsters readymade sausage rolls and Cornish pasties are a British petrol station staple. I set myself the challenge of eating the entire range of pastry-flaked meat tubes—in a Shell garage forecourt, obviously.
Nell Frizzell
Dirty Work

Dirty Work: Goat Cheese Tartines and Frosé All Day with Kelly Fields

In this edition of Dirty Work, New Orleans chef Kelly Fields stops by MUNCHIES to make pesto and goat cheese tartines and the perfect antidote to summer: frozen rosé.
Matthew Zuras

Why This Scandinavian Pastry Came to Wisconsin

Racine, Wisconsin has long been a destination for Danish immigrants, and with them came a buttery, flaky pastry known as kringle.
Nick Woods

Brits Can’t Deal with Curved Croissants So This Supermarket Will Only Sell Straight Ones

British supermarket Tesco has announced that it will no longer sell curved croissants because customers find it “easier to spread jam on a straighter shape with a single sweeping motion.”
Phoebe Hurst