WATCH: Huge Red-Tailed Hawk Terrorizes Pennsylvania Restaurant

The raptor grabbed one restaurant worker's hair; she promptly screamed “Oh my God! Oh my God!” and ran into the kitchen, bird and all.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Middleswarth Potato Chips Are The Best Chips and I Will Die on This Hill

These chips taste like home to this Pennsylvania expat.
Danielle Wayda
fried food

Frying Latkes Will Make Your Pets Smell Like Hanukkah Long After It's Over

When I was growing up in Pittsburgh, we had a big German Shepherd, and whenever we fried potato pancakes during Hanukkah, he smelled like them for a week. When you fry anything with oil, like a piece of fish, you get into bed (hours later) and stink.
Michael Solomonov
Vietnamese Food

How-To: Eat Pho

From what to look for when you taste the broth to proper sauce etiquette, you'll quickly learn everything you need to know from pho experts Vincent & Mikey Kha.
Vincent & Mikey Kha

Vegan Food Truck Owner Faces Huge Backlash After Attempting to Justify Vegas Shooting

"I don't give a f*ck about carnists anymore," the owner of Mother Nature vegan food truck wrote in a Facebook post.
Jelisa Castrodale

Dad Gets Jail Time for Giving 17 Shots of Vodka to His 13-Year Old Daughter

The Pennsylvania man says that he gave her the alcohol to celebrate her birthday.
Nick Rose

This Keg Factory Wants to Make America Beer Again

As the only manufacturer of stainless steel beer kegs in the country, American Keg is bringing keg-making back to the US while providing jobs for one of the lowest-income cities in Pennsylvania.
B. David Zarley

A Nun Hunted and Killed a Huge Deer and the Internet Went Crazy

The Catholic Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania proudly posted a picture on their Facebook page recently, not knowing what response they'd get. But when the photo of Sister John Paul Bauer—a nun and teacher at Elk County Catholic High School—hit the...
Alex Swerdloff

Experts Say This Text Message Could Stop Teens from Binge Drinking

A new study from the University of Pittsburgh claims that sending text messages querying weekend drinking plans to young adults may help reduce alcohol-related injuries.
Phoebe Hurst

Craftwerk: Tired Hands

We meet Jean Broillet, who runs Tired Hands Brewing Company out of Ardmore, Pennsylvania, and "gets a kick out of throwing weird shit into the kettle."
Jean Borillet

Counterfeiting Parmesan Is a Very Serious Crime

A Pennsylvania cheese manufacturing business has been accused of conspiracy in selling imitation “Parmesan” and “Romano” cheese that actually contains other cheeses, such as Cheddar and Swiss.
Alex Swerdloff

Why You Should Be Wiping Your Hummus

Sometimes I witness people dip it into the bowl as if they're dabbing tissue paper into water to wipe something off your face. You really need to get in there.
Michael Solomonov