It's Thursday, February 21, and a UK Restaurant Is Selling 'Tampon'-Topped, Period-Themed Pancakes

Plus, should this guy who accidentally left a $22,000 tip get his money back?
Hannah Keyser

Letter From ISIS Fighter Complains That Soldiers Don't Get Enough Sandwiches

“Hardly the die-hard jihadi warrior that they like to portray, just a moaning Westerner that’s out of his depth," says the British fighter who found the letter.
Jelisa Castrodale
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Tell Me What Soda You Drink, and I'll Tell You Who You Are

A children’s party with generic-brand cola sends the same message as a wedding with Aldi wine does: We’re here to fucking party.
Wendy Syfret

Pepsi Thinks 2018 Is a Great Time to Start Making "Snacks for Women"

At long last—chips that ladies can eat, too!
Mayukh Sen

Lawsuit Claims that 'Diet' Soda Makes People Gain Weight

Diet soda has been under fire for decades from groups and experts who say that it's not a healthy option.
Nick Rose

May Day Protesters Shared Pepsi with Cops by Throwing Cans at Them

The soda has become a weapon of unity, but maybe not in the way that their advertising team had hoped.
Alex Swerdloff

Pepsi's Protest Ad Is Just One Example of Big Soda’s Hidden Hypocrisy

Move over, Kendall—Big Soda really does fund fake protests nationwide.
Alex Swerdloff

Philly's Soda Tax Is Working So Well that Pepsi Is Laying Off Workers

In its first month, the 1.5 cent tax on each ounce of soda raised double the money that the city had expected it to.
Wyatt Marshall
bottled water

Why Americans Are Finally Buying More Bottled Water than Soda

While a move away from soda is a good thing, the real problem seems to be that people living with sketchy water pipes don’t really have any choice but to buy the bottled stuff.
Nick Rose
soft drinks

That Thirst-Quenching Soda Is Dehydrating You

Sweet soda might offer you temporary reprieve from the heat and thirst, but that little can sure as heck isn’t hydrating you.
Nick Rose

Teenagers Are Eating Junk and It’s Britney Spears’ Fault

New research from New York University Langone Medical Center claims that the majority of pop stars with food advertising deals are endorsing “energy-dense, nutrient-poor products,” and it's impacting young fans' health.
Daisy Meager
soft drinks

Pepsi Does Not Want to Be A Soda Company Anymore

After years of declining sales and the international war on sugary drinks raging on, soft drink giants are distancing themselves from the sodas brands which were once their crown jewels.
Nick Rose