Maine Rejects PETA's Request to Erect a Huge Tombstone to Memorialize Dead Lobsters

The five-foot-tall grave would have been engraved with the phrase "In Memory of the Lobsters Who Suffered and Died at This Spot."
Jelisa Castrodale
The Politics of Food

The Ethics of Hunting Seals

Watch 'Canada's Controversial Seal Hunt.'
Adam Leith Gollner

Domino's Terrible Plan to Deliver Pizza By Reindeer Is Officially Dead

Looks like a bunch of Japanese reindeer are once again about to hit the job market. Let’s hope there’s a Shakey's Pizza in Hokkaido that just so happens to be looking to attract some pizza-loving Laplanders.
Alex Swerdloff
animal welfare

Activists Want to Stop the Practice of Eating Live Octopus

Those killjoys over at PETA reason that butchering a living creature and then consuming its still-convulsing limbs for pleasure is somehow cruel.
Charley Lanyon

Is Beer Actually Healthier Than Milk?

PETA’s here with a hot take targeted to higher academia’s hardest drinkers. Their claim: Beer is better for you than milk.
Wyatt Marshall

Morrissey Has Released a 'Meat Is Murder'-Themed Video Game with PETA

Players must attempt to save animals before they are sliced to pieces by giant shredder blades as an 8-bit version of the iconic Smiths song plays in the background. Fun!
Wyatt Marshall

Idaho Has to Cough Up $250K for Its Unconstitutional Ag-Gag Law

Last year, a judge ruled that an Idaho ag-gag law violated the First and 14th Amendments. Now, the state has to shell out $250,000 to pay for legal fees incurred by PETA, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, and a number of nonprofits in on the case.
Wyatt Marshall

PETA Says Eating Chicken Will Give Your Kid a Tiny Dick

Do you think it’s possible to preemptively cock block an unborn child?
Alex Swerdloff

Social Media’s Weirdest New Trend Is Posing Naked Like a Frozen Chicken

The #FrozenChook movement, wherein people curl up in the nude in public spaces, originated in New Zealand but is sweeping Instagram and Facebook.
Munchies Staff
animal welfare

PETA Is Claiming That Whole Foods Lies About Its Animal Welfare Standards

PETA has filed a lawsuit against Whole Foods for its allegedly misleading animal welfare standards, then released a potentially damning pig abuse video.
Alex Swerdloff

I Ate Barbecue and Felt Guilty at Quebec's Controversial Pig Festival

Every year, thousands gather in Ste-Perpétue, Quebec to watch grown men and women wrestle a greased pig.
Nick Rose

Shooting Game Birds Is Still an Ethical Dilemma in Britain

As the British shooting season begins and grouse dishes appear on high end restaurant menus, so too does the controversy surrounding the shooting of game birds, or what animal rights groups label “gratuitous violence.”
Gareth May