Woman Fined for Killing, Eating Rescue Pig That She Promised She Wouldn't Eat

The woman had signed a contract promising to care for the animal, but ended up turning it into 200 pounds of pâté.
Jelisa Castrodale

Scientists Discover Low-Fat Bacon Can Be Made from CRISPR-Modified Pigs

Playing god is part of your balanced breakfast.
Mayukh Sen

Firefighters Eat Sausages Made from Piglets They Rescued from Barn Fire

Some felt this situation started off as a heartwarming tale and took an... insensitive turn, to say the least.
Jelisa Castrodale

Oregon Knows How to Throw the Ultimate Pig Party

You've never truly experienced pork until you've been to The Maialata, an Italian ode to all things pork thrown by Portland's Cathy Whims.
Natalie B. Compton
animal welfare

The Farm Where Old Pigs Go to Be Massaged Until They Die

Not all farm animals that have already lived their productive years have to head straight for the slaughterhouse—some go to peaceful retirement homes to live out their golden years.
Stefanie Staelens

Stale Bread with Ham and Rum: Tourism in the Time of Cuba

“Cuba is for traveling, not for living,” said one man I encountered. “We get a ration of five eggs per month, one piece of bread per day, and one chicken leg every 45 days.”
Alice Driver

We Asked UK Farmers What Leaving the European Union Would Mean for British Food

As the UK votes whether to quit the EU in June, British farmers are divided over the impact this could have on their livelihoods.
Charlie Taverner

This Chinese City Has Been Producing Ham For More Than 1,000 Years

The city of Jinhua is famed for its cured pork, which is made from adorable "panda pigs" and can sell for up to $1,200.
Clarissa Wei

Martin Picard Won't Allow Canadian Sugar Shacks to Become Dinosaurs

Consuming chef Martin Picard's decadent food is like eating the phrase YOLO. At Cabane à Sucre Au Pied de Cochon, the chef is keeping Canadian sugar shacks alive, well, and gluttonous. Unbutton your pants before reading any further.
Xavier Girard Lachaîne and Stéphanie Mercier Voyer

China Has an Insatiable Appetite For Spain's Beloved Ibérico Ham

While you can score some <i>mapo doufu</i> with ground pork on the cheap throughout China, Chinese consumers are willing to pay top dollar for pricier, higher-quality Ibérico ham.
Wyatt Marshall
food waste

A Chinese City Lost a Fried Rice World Record Because of Its Food Waste

The four tons of fried rice were originally intended to feed students in nearby schools, but were eventually deemed inedible and sent off to a farm to feed pigs instead, causing Guinness to strip the title.
Nick Rose

California Will Be the First State to Seriously Regulate Antibiotic Use in Livestock

Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill that will require veterinary approval for the use of most antibiotics before they're fed to the cows, chickens, and pigs that we eat.
Hilary Pollack