gastronomie française

Why the French Can't Get Enough of This Illegal Bird

Hunters consider the ortolan the king of all wildfowl; great chefs call it the caviar of birds—and for 25 years it's been at the center of controversy.
Arthur Limiñana

China Bans Sale of Endangered Animals as Food

The Chinese government banned the production and sale of food made from state-protected wild animals last week, promising to update the list of what’s protected every five years as populations in the wild recover or take a dive.
Wyatt Marshall

I Ate Illegal Turtle Eggs and They Were Disgusting 

Nicaragua's beloved dish of sea turtle ova is also illegal—giving a new meaning to "poached eggs."
Clarissa Wei

Even a Man Who Sells Lion Meat Thinks Cecil’s Death Was in Vain

Anshu Pathak is no stranger to controversy, especially when it comes to dead lions. As an exotic meat purveyor, he's eaten his fair share of the King of the Jungle, and even he thinks Cecil went to waste.
Matthew Zuras

The Politics of Food: Cypriot Songbird Massacre

We travel to Cyprus to learn more about why the largest massacre of songbirds anywhere in the world is happening on British sovereign territory—and why poachers won't stop.
Ben Ferguson

China Can’t Get Enough of Black Market Tiger Bone Wine

Chinese tiger bone wine might not cure eczema, but it could very well impress friends at a fancy dinner party.
Lauren Rothman

Caviar Demand Is Decimating Fish Populations

Caviar is fancy as shit. But luxury comes at a cost, and in the case of caviar that cost is the health of fish populations all over the globe.
Lauren Rothman