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Chicago's New 'Big Lebowski'-Themed Bar Really Ties the Room Together

It has three different kinds of White Russians, man.
Jelisa Castrodale
fuck thats delicious

Watch Action Bronson Deep-Fry Chocolate Chip Cookies at His Restaurant Pop-Up

The rapper and his former boss take zeppoles to a whole new level.
Munchies Staff
pop up

Lego Has Disavowed a New Pop-Up Bar Made of Legos

What was once known as Legobar has since changed its name to ‘thebrickbars’.
Mayukh Sen

HIV-Positive Chefs Team Up to End Stigma

A recent survey suggests half of Canadians wouldn't eat food prepared by a HIV-positive individual. June's Eatery wants to change that.
Mayukh Sen
Chinese food

Meet the Woman Who Is Redefining Modern Sichuanese Cuisine

What's wrong with mapo ragu? At Jenny Gao's pop-up supper club Fly by Jing, Sichuan tradition blends with influences from all over China and the globe.
Clarissa Wei

This Mobile Bakery Is Popping Up at Tokyo's All-Night Dance Floors

Nachopan is a one-woman pop-up bakery, and flyers for parties at Tokyo clubs list her food alongside the names of headlining DJs.
Jessica Thompson
food waste

New York’s Biggest Food Waste Chef Is Bringing Pulp Burgers to London

We spoke to chef and food waste campaigner Dan Barber about wastED, his new London pop-up that serves dishes made with produce that would have otherwise been chucked.
Daisy Meager
Tibetan cuisine

It Takes Years to Make a Good Tibetan Dumpling

Momos, the dumplings of Tibet, look deceptively simple to make. But as Alex Lobsang of East London pop-up The Momo Shack shows me, there’s real skill in getting them right.
Daisy Meager

Why Detroit-Area Dive Bars Are Serving Some of the Best Food Around

The pop-ups in the bars of Hamtramck—a tiny, dense, and poor immigrant enclave physically surrounded by Detroit—offer real eating at a low price in a city otherwise short on culinary variety and cash.
Tom Perkins

What Happened When LA’s Most Notorious Taco Truck Came to London

This weekend, Wesley Avila of LA’s Guerrilla Tacos cooked a three-day, mezcal- and meat-laden feast with Breddos Tacos, a newly opened taqueria.
Wesley Avila and Nud Dudhia

Barter For Coffee at this Brooklyn Pop-Up, Because Brooklyn

A new art exhibition and pop-up coffee co-op in Brooklyn is creating a conversation about coffee and currency by letting visitors barter for their morning brew.
Gigen Mammoser

These Ex-Noma Chefs Are Throwing a Pop-Up on Mount Everest

One Star House Party, a 20-month, 20-nation roving pop-up restaurant, will embrace the cuisines of Kenya, Oman, India, Iceland, and Nepal—on the barren slopes of Mount Everest, no less.
Diana Hubbell