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Pope Francis Warns that Texting at the Dinner Table Will Cause Wars

Pope Francis is on a crusade to preserve one of the last bastions of “togetherness and solidarity” in our depraved world, and he’ll be damned if he’s going to let emojis and right swipes get in the way of a good meal.
Nick Rose
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What It's Like to Cook for the Pope

Chef Joe Ibarra, who runs a Brazilian steak restaurant in Mexico City, was asked to prepare Pope Francis's meals throughout the pontiff's stay in Mexico.
Duncan Tucker
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Pope Francis’s Plane Food Is Way Better Than Yours

Despite claims that pizza-loving Pope Francis is under strict medical orders to eat only fish and rice, it sounds like he enjoyed one hell of an in-flight meal.
Alex Swerdloff

If All Animals Go To Heaven, We Should Eat Them

If there's an afterlife for animals, as some Catholics believe, perhaps we shouldn't be opposed to killing them for food. After all, we'd only be facilitating their trip to heaven.
Rhys Southan

The Pope Is Dying to Chew Coca Leaves in Bolivia

The Bishop of Rome and Sovereign of Vatican City has run into a bit of trouble as of late, after Bolivian Culture Minister Marko Machicao revealed that Pope Francis "specifically requested" coca leaves to chew on during his upcoming visit to the...
Alex Swerdloff

The Pope Misses Going Out for Pizza More Than He Misses TV

The Pope hasn't watched TV in 25 years, but he really misses a good old pizza session. And for those wondering, “ordering one in the Vatican is not the same thing.”
Munchies Staff