Toronto's Secret Sandwich Is a Mountain of Meat, Cheese, and Mystery Sauce

At Toronto's Kapital Restaurant & Grill, only one person knows how to make the secret sauce that covers a steak, ham, sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich.
Nick Rose

Macau's Cuisine Is an Oral Tradition

Macau is a place where many different cultures came together and shared their languages, food, and traditions. A lot of people think that Macau is just Portuguese plus Chinese, but it’s not.
Abraham Conlon

Vinhão Is the Blood-Colored Bastard of Vinho Verde

Few people outside of Portugal have heard of red vinho verde, largely made with the vinhão grape, which produces a dark, mouth-puckering, and sometimes challenging wine that's often made and consumed at home.
Lauren Sloss

This Secret Portuguese Cheese Island Is What Heaven Looks Like

There are more cows than people on Terceira, a tiny island in the Portuguese Azores archipelago. Cattle graze all year round on rolling green hills, producing some of the most delicious dairy known to man.
Lucy Bryson

Chinese Families in Lisbon Are Running Secret Restaurants Out of Their Apartments

I tracked down one of the Portuguese capital’s Chinês clandestinos, the hidden eateries operating from the homes of some entrepreneurial Chinese residents.
Lucy Bryson

In Search of Francesinha, a Sandwich So Good Chefs Won't Share the Recipe

The Francesinha is essentially just slabs of bread stuffed with meat and cheese, but Portuguese chefs are reluctant to share their technique.
Lucy Bryson

Lisbon Is Going Crazy for These Nutella-Topped Brazilian Pancakes

Brazilian expats living in the Portuguese capital have introduced their new home to tapioca pancakes: a traditional dish made using the cassava root flour, and topped with everything from shredded beef to Nutella.
Lucy Bryson
Best of 2016

The Most Inspiring, Remote, and Strangest Places We Traveled This Year

What a long, strange year it's been.
Munchies Staff

This Underground Stew Cooks Using Volcanic Heat

On São Miguel in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores, locals dine on Cozido das Furnas: a meat stew buried underground and cooked using natural heat. “Some people say they can taste the sulphur,” says chef Paulo Costa.
Michael Segalov

If the Garden of Eden Had a Vineyard, This Would Be It

Jesuit priests first came to Madeira in 1595 and set about creating a Biblical Eden of grapevines at the bottom of a 300-metre cliff. Malmsey wine is still made on the island today, even using the priests’ original vines.
Johanna Derry

This Is Why Britain Loves Nando's So Much

Out of the 1,094 Nando’s in the world, a third are in the UK and British icons as disparate as Prince Harry and David Haye are fans. But how did a mediocre fried chicken chain make such a dent on British food?
Nell Frizzell

How Running a Farm at My Restaurant Taught Me to Love Imperfection

Cooking from your farm makes you more vulnerable but I love that. It’s the complete opposite of fine dining, where you’re looking for consistency and a standardised product. You can have two radicchios but these two radicchios will be different in the...
Leonardo Pereira