Shopper Allegedly Finds Bullet Inside Grocery Store Avocado

Just when you thought 'avocado hand' was the most perilous threat to making guacamole, along comes this creepy find.
Jelisa Castrodale

Snow Gives These Japanese Vegetables a Unique Flavor

The technique of burying vegetables under the snow was born out of necessity, but it had unexpected benefits.
Lance Henderstein

We Don’t Need Pesticides to Feed the World, According to UN

Sixty-five percent of global pesticide sales are controlled by just three powerful corporations.
Nick Rose

What Living on a Hare Krishna Farm Taught Me About Scams and Leftover Pasta

Questions like 'Why is my breakfast porridge brown?' and 'What is this mushy stuff in the meat-free patties?' arose in my mind. The answers, I would later learn, are: carob, a vegan substitute for chocolate; and weeks-old pasta, sliced and fried.
Anna Furman

What Would America's Food Supply Look Like Without Immigrant Labor?

If Trump follows through with plans to restrict immigration and deport undocumented immigrants, some industry experts say that farms and factories could be left scrambling, and the price tag for food could inflate dramatically.
Wyatt Marshall

These Color-Coded Stickers Tell You When Your Avocado Is at Perfect Ripeness

Down in New Zealand, a new tool has emerged to aid consumers in the quest for the perfect avocado that doesn’t require manhandling half the alligator pear pile.
Wyatt Marshall

New Research Will Help Farmers Make Tomatoes Delicious Again

The sad, lifeless, obligatory out-of-season tomato is found everywhere from pre-made salads to your local sports bar—but soon, that could change.
Wyatt Marshall

James Lowe’s 127-Mile Quest into the Malvern Hills for Perfect Peas

To source the best peas for Lyle’s’ famous pea and ticklemore salad, we joined the Michelin-starred chef on a trip to a Worcestershire farm, where he hand-picks the best pods.
Nell Frizzell
restaurant industry

Why I’m Ditching Locally Sourced British Ingredients

In London, dishes are Anglicized for the British palate, so I wanted to walk away from all of that by traveling abroad, bringing back traditional ingredients, and serving them at supper clubs.
Adam Rawson
ugly fruit

Canada Is Warming Up to Ugly Vegetables

The ugly food movement may have started over in Europe, but it's been steadily moving westward. Now, major Canadian food retailer Loblaw has announced that it will be expanding its line of Naturally Imperfect products nationwide.
Jessica Scott-Reid
food safety

How Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Are Riskier to Eat Than Raw Fish

The Center for Science in the Public Interest released a report last week, stating that it is in fact fresh produce that is the predominant cause of foodborne illnesses in America.
Alex Swerdloff

Avocados Are About to Get Way More Expensive

The UK, where avocado sales have climbed by 25 percent in the last year alone, is getting it the worst.
Nick Rose