Gender Transition Made Me Re-Evaluate My Diet

Six months on "T" and three months spent as a vegan, I was waking up to the reality that testosterone alone would not give me the body I wanted. I sought the V-shape, which meant seriously re-evaluating my diet.
Fred McConnell

How-To: Make Green Chicken with Michelle Tam

Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo demonstrates how to make her tasty green chicken recipe, which slathers meaty drumsticks in a flavorful combination of cilantro, basil, and fish sauce.
Michelle Tam

Protein Overdose Blamed in Sudden Death of Bodybuilder

Now, her family is calling for tighter regulations on the protein supplements industry.
Nick Rose

How to Stop Eating Garbage and Whip Your Ass Into Shape

Cro-Mags frontman and plant-based eating guru John Joseph is here to help you stop laying around farting and start eating like a mindful, no-bullshit champion of life.
John Joseph
bad breath

Your Super-Healthy Diet Is Making Your Breath Stink

When carb intake drops below 30 grams per day, the body gets rid of organic compounds, known as ketones, through the mouth, a process which can smell pretty gnar to those around you.
Nick Rose

We Spoke to the Scientists Who Are Making Beef-Based Chocolate and Ice Cream

Senior scientist Mustafa Farouk has partnered with Auckland-based Devonport Chocolates to create a chocolate confection made of 50 percent beef—but you'd never know if you tasted it.
Gigen Mammoser
carbon dioxide

Fruits and Vegetables Are Literally OD’ing on Climate Change

It turns out that the huge amounts of carbon dioxide that we pump into the atmosphere with fossil fuels could be causing plants to OD on CO2.
Nick Rose

Eating Meat Really Will Make You Feel More Full

A meta-study has found once and for all that that consuming foods rich in protein does, in fact, actually make people feel more full.
Alex Swerdloff
The Law

A Lawsuit Alleges Cheerios Protein Are Way Worse for You Than Regular Cheerios

A lawsuit has been filed alleging false advertising and misleading labeling against General Mills for its Cheerios Protein cereal. The lawsuit alleges that the cereal has only “negligibly” more protein than regular Cheerios and a lot more sugar—like, a...
Alex Swerdloff

This ‘Super Tomato’ Could Help Fight Cancer

Plant researchers in Norwich have figured out how to pack the humble tomato with antioxidants and cancer-fighting compounds.
Phoebe Hurst

The Original Paleo Diet Was Full of Carbs

In another blow to the idea that our paleolithic ancestors solely survived on berries and gazelle steaks, a new study argues that humans developed their big brains precisely because we ate starches.
Munchies Staff
health food

Apparently We Should All Be Drinking Pond Scum

A food company has developed a high protein, amino acid-packed powder using lemnoideae, a plant that grows on almost any water supply and doubles in size every 16 to 32 hours. (Also known as pond scum).
Phoebe Hurst