Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Meet the Queer Chefs Helping Puerto Rico's Culinary Community Shine

“I’ve never cooked in a kitchen with only queer people, mostly women, and centering Puerto Rican food and ingredients. There’s a lot to say here."
Keia Mastrianni
Puerto Rico

Photos Show Millions of Bottles of Water Never Distributed to Puerto Ricans After Hurricane Maria

Trump has called the federal response to Hurricane Maria, which left thousands dead, an 'incredible unsung success.'
Jelisa Castrodale

Spam Guisada

Puerto Rican comfort food at its finest.
Margarita Galindez Maisonet

How Puerto Rico Will Recover With the Help of Spam, Again

There's a reason certain recipes are part of the Puerto Rican culinary vernacular.
Illyanna Maisonet
Puerto Rico

New Jersey Prepper Donates 28,000-Pound Doomsday Food Stash to Puerto Rico

For once, some good news.
Jelisa Castrodale
Puerto Rico

How Puerto Rican Chefs Are Feeding People After Hurricane Maria

"A typical day starts at 4 a.m. with four people in different gas lines, just because they only sell $20 worth per person."
Alicia Kennedy

Caribbean Pumpkin Slaw

Pumpkin slaw gets its shine on with a spicy saffron vinaigrette, garlic confit, and a touch of scotch bonnet to send you straight to the Caribbean.
Jose Enrique

Meet the Women Who Are Leading Puerto Rico's Bar and Restaurant Scene

The unofficial crew, who dubbed themselves the "damas cívicas," provides mutual support in an industry that can feel overwhelmingly male-dominated.
Alicia Kennedy
Puerto Rico

I Searched for the Last Great Piña Colada in Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico is the birthplace of the beloved coconutty, rummy creation known as the piña colada. But what's less clear is who came up with it—or if any locals still drink it.
Alicia Kennedy
the border

Why This Bartender Got Turned Away at the US Border

After Sebastián Fernández was denied entry to Puerto Rico, a US territory, the island's bartenders rallied in solidarity with their colleague and against anti-immigrant rhetoric.
Alicia Kennedy
Puerto Rico

This Restaurant Is a Vegetarian Oasis on an Island of Meat and Cheese

Puerto Rico isn't exactly a vegetarian destination, and until a few years ago, few health food stores or vegetarian restaurants could be found in San Juan. But chef Jerome Valencia is trying to change that, one raw vegan mousse at a time.
Michaela Trimble
Fast Food

A Man Tried to Trademark a Chicken Sandwich and Failed Miserably

The World Intellectual Property Organization defines a trademark as something “capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one enterprise from those of other enterprises.” This does not include a fried chicken sandwich.
Javier Cabral