Meet TRAPPIST, a Grindcore Band Dedicating Its Music and Message Entirely to Craft Beer

"There’s 40,000 grind bands out there who have entire albums where every song is about either zombies or gore... At least beer is fucking real."
Beth Demmon
Cody's World of Cheese

Roquefort Is the Blue Cheese that Tastes Like an Unshowered Crust Punk

In a good way, though.
Cody Reiss
in memoriam: anthony bourdain

Anthony Bourdain Took Food Media from Proper to Punk

Bourdain saw in food what the Stooges and the Ramones saw in music: that it could be an outlet for misfits.
Luke Winkie

Portland Man Steals Legendary Rock Club Sign, Gets Lifetime Supply of Doughnuts

The Satyricon, which closed in 2010, was allegedly where Kurt Cobain first met Courtney Love.
Jelisa Castrodale
jewish food

The Nosh Pit: The Jewish Bands that Put Hummus and Bagels into Punk Rock

The live shows of Yidcore, Gefilte Fuck, and Jewdriver were like if GG Allin raised hell using Kosher foods from the aisles of Zabar's.
Jonah Bayer

The 9 Best Dive Bars in Chicago

In Chi-Town, you'll find affordable places to drink that suit everyone from punks to pacifists.
Munchies Staff

Beijing’s Punk Rock Noodle Restaurant Has a Tangled, Bittersweet Love Story

Opened as a tribute to a departed lynchpin of the Beijing punk scene, the noodle joint is at the center of a bitter ownership tussle that undermines the good intentions behind it.
Jamie Fullerton

From Punk Bands to Pizza Ovens

Once a member of a punk band called Sewer Rat, Ben Roberts now cooks up extraordinarily good pizzas at pseudo-­legal pop-up events around Sacramento, calling the enterprise Pizza Supreme Being.
Morgan Fox

Food Is Awesome at Brooks Headley’s Superiority Burger

Brooks Headley—former punk drummer, former pastry chef of Del Posto, and current chef-owner of the crazily lauded Superiority Burger—just wants to make cheap and delicious food, profits be damned.
Meredith Graves
mexico city

How to Dodge Death Delivering Food in Mexico City

Los Loosers, Mexico City's premier only vegan lunch delivery-by-bike service, is providing delicious lunches to a city that is several times the size of NYC. When I had the recent chance to do a ride along on the delivery route, the day was slightly...
Jamie Peck

Espresso Is the Drug of Choice for Straight Edge Punks in San Diego

San Diego's Heartwork Coffee Bar is the all-DIY project of six former punk and hardcore musicians who just want a damn good cup of coffee.
Alex Zaragoza

We Talked to the Legendary Pop Punk Producer Who Left Music for Donuts

Donut Friend is the longtime dream of Mark Trombino, former drummer of Drive Like Jehu and producer of every pop punk record that you emoted to in the late 90s.
Hilary Pollack