Two Canadian Provinces Pull Vodka With Soviet Symbol from Shelves Due to Protests

Ukrainian-Canadian citizen groups consider the hammer and sickle symbol offensive.
Ian Burke

Did Canada Steal Poutine from Quebec?

"Labelling it as a Canadian dish when it’s in fact a Québécois dish is cultural appropriation."
Nick Rose

Why Quebec's First Single Malt Isn't a Whisky... Yet

It’s important to keep in mind that Quebec’s liquor market is controlled by a state-run monopoly.
Nick Rose

I Went Hunting for a Partridge in a Tree

The traditional Lac St-Jean tourtière is a succulent combination of potatoes and game (usually a mix of hare, partridge, and moose) baked into a rich, savory pie. And the best way to find your filling is by hunting it yourself.
Xavier Girard Lachaîne and Stéphanie Mercier Voyer

The Fine Art of Making Natural Wine in Quebec

How a winemaker and an artist collaborated on natural wines that stand up to Quebec's brutal climate.
Nick Rose

The Mastermind of "The Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist" Has Been Found Guilty

Four years ago, thieves in Quebec made international headlines after stealing 3,000 tons of syrup from the province's maple syrup "cartel."
Nick Rose

Waiter Charged for Serving Salmon to Customer with Deadly Seafood Allergy

At the hospital, the diner who had unknowingly eaten the salmon “developed complications,” and the next day had a heart attack, after which he fell into a coma that lasted two days.
Charley Lanyon

Making Terroir with Cow Horns, Manure, and Lunar Rhythms in Quebec

We headed down to Les Pervenches vineyard in Farnham, Quebec with sommelier Emily Campeau, to talk terroir and biodynamic winemaking.
Nick Rose and Simon Coutu
tommy kruise

Soft-Serve, Surgery, and Poutine Smoothies with Tommy Kruise

After undergoing brutal sleep apnea surgery—which required breaking his jaw in two different places—and an ensuing eight-week recovery period, Kruise is watching what he eats way more than he did in the past.
Nick Rose
maple syrup

Boiling Point: Inside Quebec’s Maple Syrup War

With American producers catching up quickly, growing dissent among Quebec producers, and a recent, scathing government report, the maple syrup industry in Quebec may be rapidly approaching its boiling point.
Nick Rose and Simon Coutu
plastic bottles

Beverage Companies Are Fighting Montreal's Ban on Plastic Water Bottles

After implementing an all-out ban on lightweight plastic bags and grocery bags earlier this year, Montreal mayor Denis Coderre has another source of urban pollution in his crosshairs—plastic bottles.
Nick Rose
food waste

How a Quebec Town Is Being Powered by Yogurt

We spoke to a small Quebec town that is converting food into energy to power cars and buildings.
Nick Rose