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Chengdu Is Obsessed with Sucking Brains Out of Rabbit Skulls

The owner of a popular eatery specializing in spicy rabbit heads admits that eating bunny brains might not be for everyone, but the residents of Chengdu can't get enough.
Jamie Fullerton
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This Creamy Rabbit Polenta Will Transport You to Your Happy Place

Loads of cream, butter, and pancetta make for one silky, savory, smoky rabbit dish.
Nick Rose

MUNCHIES Presents: Italian Rabbit and Polenta With Danny Smiles

In this episode of Giardinos, Le Bremner chef Danny Smiles gives props to Elena Faita, the godmother of Italian cooking in Montreal. He gets a crash course on a hearty northern Italian rabbit and polenta dish—perfect for Montreal’s brutal winters.
Danny Smiles

Creamy Rabbit and Polenta

Make the most deliciously tender Italian rabbit in a brandy sauce with creamy polenta.
Elena Faita

This Week in Food Porn: Rabbit Rillette and Naan Bread Ice Cream

Spring is finally here and so too is our handy and herbaceous round up of the best food photography uploaded to Instagram this week.
Nell Frizzell

MUNCHIES Presents: Young Hunters

In this MUNCHIES special, we follow a diverse group of young people around Amsterdam who have found surprising reasons to hunt for their own meat.
Duco Coops

This Week in Food Porn: Baked Eggs, Mackerel, and Porridge

We’re living in a 24-hour upload wonderland of peas, pudding, and saveloy. Here are the most drool-inspiring pics uploaded to the ’gram in the past seven days.
Nell Frizzell

Chicken-Fried Rabbit with Spicy Honey Sauce

Tender, juicy chicken-fried rabbit doused in a spicy honey sauce and green onions. What more does one need in life?
Munchies Staff

Britain Is Eating More Deer Than Ever

Sales of game meat in the UK rose by nearly 10 percent last year, something market researchers put down to the growing popularity of venison. Soz, Bambi.
Phoebe Hurst

MUNCHIES Guide to the North of England – Episode 4

Ben Ferguson
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MUNCHIES Guide to the North - Trailer

MUNCHIES is on a food odyssey through the North of England, traveling from coast to coast and stopping off everywhere in between to find out what people up here like to eat. To those who think the North is just fake tans and flat caps, the MUNCHIES...
Ben Ferguson

Cajuns Boil the Head and Save the Blood

Lately, there’s been the “whole-hog” cooking trend. You know, using the tail to the snout. But the Cajun community has been cooking with the whole hog for 200 years. The pure Cajun spirit comes from living off the land in a proper format and being...
Isaac Toups