We're Worried About the Avocado Rat Spotted in Brooklyn

How's he ever going to buy a house now?
Jelisa Castrodale

Restaurant's Disturbing 'Seen Rat' Discount Goes Viral

This probably wasn't the best way to handle a customer complaint.
Gigen Mammoser
Alcohol dependence

Scientists Can Now Shut Down the Part of Your Brain that Makes You Drink Like an Idiot

Getting drunk may seem like a simple behaviour, but for your brain, on whom you are launching an all-out assault, things are way more complicated.
Nick Rose
soft drinks

That Thirst-Quenching Soda Is Dehydrating You

Sweet soda might offer you temporary reprieve from the heat and thirst, but that little can sure as heck isn’t hydrating you.
Nick Rose
Tsukiji fish market

Tokyo Is About to Be Invaded by Sushi-Loving ‘Ninja’ Rats

As the world’s most famous fish market prepares to close, concerns are emerging regarding the resident “ninja” rat population which has been inhabiting the market for decades.
Nick Rose
junk food

Your 'Cheat Days' Could Ruin Your Entire Diet

Recent research suggests that substituting regular junk food consumption with weekend binges is just as unhealthy, at least as far as the gut is concerned.
Nick Rose

Eat These Carnivorous Plants Before They Eat You

Resourceful Malaysians have discovered that pitcher plants are delicious when stuffed with rice. Nevermind that these plants eat insects, rats, and even lizards and birds.
Alex Swerdloff

The Rat Meat Business Is Booming in Cambodia

Many of us might bristle at the idea of eating rat, but there's a massive export market for rat meat from Cambodia to Vietnam, where it's more highly prized than pork.
Munchies Staff