food waste

A New Club Is Using Food Waste to Generate Energy

And yes, there's a 3D printer that will turn your recycled waste into a phone case or furniture.
Marlou Kusters

Will Nestlé's Wood-Based Water Bottles Really Help the Environment?

The goal is to achieve an entirely petroleum-free bottle in just six years.
Wyatt Marshall
food waste

Having a Compost Bin Makes You Care Less About Food Waste

A new study suggests compost bins aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.
Daisy Meager

The British Government Just Rejected a Tax on Disposable Coffee Cups

Environment Minister Therese Coffey has rejected plans for a 5p charge on all takeaway coffee cups, which would have worked in a similar way to the plastic bag tax.
Phoebe Hurst

This Startup Wants to Turn Diaper Waste into Fruit Trees

German startup Dycle, founded by artist Ayumi Matzusaka, aims to tackle the massive amount of diaper waste produced each year by converting it to nutrient-packed soil and planting fruit trees with it.
Elizabeth Rushe

Man Tries to Pull Off Bottle Recycling Scam from 'Seinfeld' Episode

Kramer and Newman never actually pulled off the Michigan bottle deposit scheme in the episode from way back when. Whether Everidge actually intended to pull off the deed in the state of Michigan is a question that will be answered in a court of law.
Alex Swerdloff

This Company Is Turning Coffee Grounds into Coffee Cups

What if instead of getting buried into garbage bags, old coffee grounds could be recycled into something useful and sustainable? That's the goal of Kaffeeform.
Barbara Woolsey

This Taiwanese Company Makes Clothes Out of Coffee Grounds

Taiwanese company Singtex has perfected a process for turning coffee waste and plastic bottles into fabric. One T-shirt can be made with three cups of coffee grounds and five recycled plastic bottles.
Clarissa Wei

Your Paper Coffee Cup Isn’t Actually Recyclable

Information obtained by The Times this week shows that fewer than one in 400 coffee cups handed out by Britain’s coffee chains are recycled—despite their claims of being “100 percent recyclable.”
Phoebe Hurst

This Fashion Line Is Made Out of Trash Fishermen Pull from the Sea

The sustainable fashion line produces their high-quality clothing using only recycled materials like “discarded fishing nets, post consumer plastic bottles, worn-out tires, post-industrial cotton, and even used coffee grinds.”
Alex Swerdloff
New York

New York Is Free to Resume Its Love Affair with Foam Take-Out Containers

A July 1 ban of polystyrene foam takeout containers, cups, and plates in New York has been overturned by a Supreme Court judge who says that the decision was "arbitrary."
Hilary Pollack

Houses in London Could Soon Be Heated by Coffee Dregs

A London startup has announced that it will be collecting coffee waste from cafes across the capital to be processed into biomass energy.
Phoebe Hurst