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This Syrian Restaurant Is Fighting Negative Stereotypes About Refugees

The refugee-run restaurant, launched by a heart surgeon, hopes to create a different kind of conversation about Syrians in Europe.
Didem Tali
refugee crisis

From Calais Gas Stove to London Kitchen: A Syrian Refugee Chef’s Story

Imad Alarnab owned two restaurants in Damascus before being forced to flee for Europe, where he spent two months in a Calais camp cooking with one knife and a tiny stove. Now in London, he wants to share the food of his homeland.
Johanna Derry

Lindsay Lohan Thinks She Can Save Syrian Refugees by Giving Them Energy Drinks

Maybe they’d like some molly and strobe lighting to go with that?
Alex Swerdloff
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Meet the Falafel King of the Idomeni Refugee Camp

At the Idomeni refugee camp on the border of Greece and Macedonia, you’ll find Syrian chef Tamer: frying chicken, mixing yogurt-tahini sauce, and barking orders to his eager cohort of line cooks.
Kirsten O'Regan

Inside the Catering Company That's Giving Refugees a New Life in the Kitchen

Eat Offbeat is a New York-based catering kitchen that offers much-needed employment to refugees. We spoke with reporter Sebastien Malo and filmmaker Liz Mermin, who recently visited the kitchen to report on the company and its staff.
Munchies Staff

This Nazi-Themed German Beer Targets Muslim Immigrants and Jews Alike

The beer’s name, “Borderfence half” or “Grenzzaun halbe” was—according to the head of the brewery himself—chosen to evoke arguments being made to seal off Germany’s borders from asylum seekers, mostly from the Middle East.
Alex Swerdloff
refugee crisis

These Activists Set Up Roadside Kitchens for Europe’s Refugees

Food activism group No Border Kitchen serves thousands of meals to refugees every day, setting up in the street or squats. I join them in Lesbos, half a mile from the island’s ferry terminal.
Mark Wilding

Palestinian Refugees Are Starting an All-Female Food Truck in Lebanon

As the leaders of two different NGOs, Mariam Shaar and Myrna Atalla are working together in the hopes of empowering the female residents of Lebanon’s Bourj el-Barajneh refugee camp.
Alex Swerdloff

Tinned Sweetcorn and Chocolate Biscuits Are Helping Calais Migrants Feel Human

While many at “The Jungle” migrant camp in Calais rely on meals provided by French authorities, Sudanese refugee Saif cooks with donated British food. “We need to survive by eating as we wait for good news,” he says.
Mari Shibata