Tibetan Refugees Are the Masterminds Behind Delhi’s Favorite Dumplings

When Tibetans fled their homeland and settled in India, they brought their momos—thin-skinned dumplings stuffed with meat, vegetables, or cheese—along with them.
Natalie B. Compton

Chobani's CEO Gets Death Threats for Giving Jobs to Refugees

How long do you think it will take for the countless hordes of Muslim infiltrators villainously masquerading as helpless refugees to conquer us via Greek yogurt?
Alex Swerdloff

Eat Pork and Drink Alcohol to Adapt, Norwegian Integration Minister Tells Immigrants

Norway’s integration minister is under fire for telling Muslim refugees that real Norwegians "eat pork, drink alcohol, and show [their] face."
Alex Swerdloff

Lindsay Lohan Thinks She Can Save Syrian Refugees by Giving Them Energy Drinks

Maybe they’d like some molly and strobe lighting to go with that?
Alex Swerdloff

Donald J. Trump's Skittles Tweet Wasn't the First Time Candy Has Been Used to Promote Bigotry

Skittles shut down Trump Jr. in spectacular fashion, but history has many more examples of sweets being not so sweet.
Alex Swerdloff

For Refugees, Internet Access Has Become as Important as Food and Water

The report, which looked at data from 44 different countries, found that Internet access has become “as vital to them as food, water, or shelter” for many refugees.
Nick Rose

Eating Inside Hong Kong's Refugee 'Mansions'

Chungking Mansions is the epicenter of life for Hong Kong’s asylum seekers, most of whom hail from South Asia, the Middle East, and across Africa—all of them trying to make a new life in one of Asia’s greatest economic miracles.
Justin Heifetz​​
urban gardens

How Refugees Are Growing Food from Their Homelands in Inner-City Philadelphia

The garden is surrounded by familiar Philadelphia blight: run-down houses, unkempt weeds, a pile of soiled mattresses. But flourishing within the fenced property are symbols of life, growth, and revitalization.
Aaron Kase
refugee chefs

How Syrian Refugee Moms Are Becoming Food Entrepreneurs in Toronto

At Newcomer Kitchen, a project of Toronto restaurant The Depanneur, refugee women make traditional Syrian food—the kind of food they grew up on, the kind of food they serve their families, the kind of food that can't be found anywhere else.
Leo Moncel

How ISIS Is Using Food to Recruit New Fighters

Not only are entrapped families subsisting on a diet of stale dates, but ISIL militants are actively attempting to recruit new members with the enticement of the basic sustenance of life: food.
Alex Swerdloff
refugee chefs

Refugees Are Teaching Berliners How to Cook the Food of Their Homelands

The Berlin-based organization Über den Tellerand (“Looking Beyond the Plate”) offers refugees a chance to share recipes from their home countries with Germans.
Prathap Nair
refugee chef

Meet the Falafel King of the Idomeni Refugee Camp

At the Idomeni refugee camp on the border of Greece and Macedonia, you’ll find Syrian chef Tamer: frying chicken, mixing yogurt-tahini sauce, and barking orders to his eager cohort of line cooks.
Kirsten O'Regan