Liberals Really Do Love Lattes, Study Says—But Not for the Reason You'd Think

‘Latte Liberal’ is more than just a political slur.
Ian Burke
food stamps

The Republican Congress Seeks to Make Big Changes to Our Food Stamp System

GOP leaders of the House Agriculture Committee released a review of SNAP this week that suggests areas of the program could see some reshaping in the coming years.
Wyatt Marshall
Last Call

This DC Bartender Has Protected the Most Political Secrets on Capitol Hill

"The Republicans were on one side of the bar and all the Democrats were on the other side and they were yelling at each other."
Jake Emen
Bologna sandwich

It Doesn't Take a Genius to Guess What's in This Diner's 'Trump' Sandwich

“He’s got a really big mouth, so I figured that a sandwich filled with a pound of bologna would be the only one big enough to fit his big mouth,” says the 72-year-old proud owner at Washington, DC’s American City Diner.
Javier Cabral
food stamps

A Government Shutdown Could Leave Millions Without Food Stamps and Literally Starving

Unlike previous government shutdowns, it seems more than likely that millions of Americans reliant on food stamps could be left without a thing to eat as a result.
Alex Swerdloff

Fox News Thinks Women Should Be Making More Sandwiches for Their Husbands

Fox News hosts Rachel Campos-Duffy and Andrea Tantaros think your marriage would be a whole lot better if you would just shut up and make a sandwich, please.
Hilary Pollack

This Republican Thinks You're a Filthy Animal If You Use Food Stamps

One Republican recently committed the political equivalent of giving little ol’ Orphan Annie a Cleveland steamer in the middle of Madison Square Garden.
Alex Swerdloff

The Texas Ag Commissioner Has a Bone to Pick with Meatless Monday

The animal agriculture industry is pulling out all the stops to try to convince schools and parents that kids should be wolfing down cheeseburgers every day of the week.
Hilary Pollack