We Asked a Hermit What to Eat When You Live in a Swamp Off the Grid

"I’ve learned a lot along the way. I have to have something to occupy my time, you know."
Simon Espholm

Roadkill: It's What's for Dinner (in Oregon)

Good news, Oregonians! You now have a new source for free-range, grass-fed, organic meat.
Jelisa Castrodale

Why This Man Is Eating a Beached Dolphin for His Christmas Dinner

Last year, he ate a badger for Christmas, but this year, 76-year-old "roadkill chef" Arthur Boyt has a more marine mammal on his menu.
Wyatt Marshall

I Ate Deer Roadkill and It Was Delicious

I recently attended an upscale version of the decades-old game dinners common in smaller New England communities, which offered the titillating promise of professionally prepared roadkill.
Rose Maura Lorre

We Talked to the Vermont Chef Who’s Putting Roadkill on His Prix-Fixe Menu

Chef Doug Paine is working with a local water quality advocacy group and Vermont Fish and Wildlife to bring meat from local hunters—and local roads—to paying customers.
Wyatt Marshall
Los Angeles

LA Health Department Not Delighted By Supermarket Selling Whole Dead Raccoons

Yesterday, the health department paid a visit to Metro Supermarket after reports of it selling whole frozen raccoons, but no one is really sure whether it's illegal.
Munchies Staff
Best of 2014

Best Of 2014: Meet Your Meat

There's no easy way around it: Eating meat involves killing an animal. We looked at several sides of that potentially hazardous moral quandary this year—and every one of them had a face.
Munchies Staff

Roadkill on the Railroad Means Free Dinner

We lived on the outskirts of Philadelphia, on the edge of a nature center. The deer there cause all kinds of problems: car wrecks, Lyme disease, destroying people's shrubbery. So my dad didn't feel at all bad when he could get a fresh one off the...
Aaron Kase

MUNCHIES Presents: The Roadkill Connoisseur

Whether it's beaver or pheasant, squirrel or penguin, roadkill connoisseur Alison Brierly has probably eaten it. She shows us how to use the bounties of the highway to make Southern-fried squirrel and squirrel pot stickers.
Alison Brierly

Southern-Fried Squirrel

Who needs fast food when foraged squirrel is free of hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides? This tasty preparation will make you into a roadkill-eating convert.
Alison Brierly

There Was No Roadkill on the Menu at the West Virginia Roadkill Festival

I came to West Virginia to attend the annual West Virginia Roadkill Cook-off and Autumn Harvest Festival in Marlinton, where I expected to feast on freshly run over animals, but what I ended up experiencing was a spectacle for tourists visiting the...
Tom Sherman