A Real Hot Mess: How Grits Got Weaponized Against Cheating Men

Understanding the Black women who seized a common pantry item—and, with it, power.
Cynthia R. Greenlee

How Tinder Is Killing the Home-Cooked Dinner Date

Swipe culture; fear of IRL interaction; anxiety about entering a stranger's home. There are lots of reasons why making dinner for a date is going out of style.
Allie Volpe
Food delivery

How to Cope When You've Been Catfished by Your Favorite Delivery Spot

So, that place you order from three times a week turned out to be a shithole. You are not alone.
Chason Gordon
Restaurant Confessionals

What It’s Like as a Waitress to Watch Your Messy Valentine’s Day Tinder Date

Valentine’s Day is the same in every restaurant I’ve worked at but a couple of years ago, I watched one customer accidentally arrange two Tinder dates for the same night.

This Valentine's Day, Remember That Cheese Will Never Leave You

If you're feeling despondent on this highly commercial day of cartoon hearts and boxes of chocolate, just remember that cheese is truly the food of love. Even if you're alone.
Charlotte Kamin
Valentine's Day

The Older Man Who Romanced Me with Nut Cheese

I was 21. He was 47. I knew nothing about food. I figured he knew everything.
Mayukh Sen
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25 Valentine's Day Recipes That Aren't Embarrassingly Lame

Don't take yourself so seriously this February 14th.
Munchies Staff
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The Highs and Inevitable Disasters of Sleeping with Your Married Boss

As amazing and natural as everything felt as it was happening, I had no idea that messing around with your boss ultimately meant kissing your job goodbye.

This Pizza Chain Has Been Setting People Up on Blind Dates Based on Their Favorite Toppings

Most of us have long known something that big restaurant chains seem to have just discovered: A shared love of pizza is one of the cornerstones of a successful relationship.
Jelisa Castrodale
Valentine's Day

I Went on a London Eye Champagne Date with My Ex-Boyfriend Who Hates Both Heights and Wine

However bad your Valentine's Day, remember this: I spent £37 to drunkenly grind through the sky with my acrophobic, wine-hating ex.
Nell Frizzell

This Gingerbread Man Erotica Is the Spiciest We've Ever Read

Abiding by the internet decree known as Rule 34, gingerbread erotica does exist. We caught up with adult romance author Lynn Hubbard to find out more about her tale of spicy, sugary passion.
Hilary Pollack
Restaurant Confessionals

Running a Restaurant with My Husband Saved Our Marriage

Running the restaurant together has had a huge effect on our relationship. I think it’s actually made us stronger.