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Fridge Tours

The Owners of Portland's Kachka Say Adulthood Comes with a Second Fridge

In Bonnie Frumkin Morales' first fridge: preserves and breakfast burrito ingredients. In the second: booze.
Farideh Sadeghin

Meet the Man Bringing Russian Cuisine to Mexico

Pollo a la Kiev and Oaxaca cheese pirozhki are just the start.
Fernanda Ballesteros

How This Chef Made Portland Go Crazy for 'Herring Under a Fur Coat'

At her restaurant in Portland, Oregon, Kachka, this Belarusian-American chef is using this dish to prove how delicious the cuisines of the former Soviet Republic can be.
Javier Cabral

Models Wrestling in a Caviar-Filled Kiddie Pool Is How Russia's Ultra-Rich Like to Party

If you were hired to orchestrate an event that pays homage to the history of a currency, who in the hell wouldn’t decide to organize a bacchanalian caviar orgy?
Alex Swerdloff

No End in Sight for Russian Food Embargo

Russian President Vladimir Putin just signed a decree that prolongs the sanctions throughout all of 2017.
Alex Swerdloff
Vice eats world

VICE Eats World: Brooklyn Pizza Wars and Korean Barbecue

In this installation of VICE Eats World, our editors eat uni-topped oysters, Russian pancakes, adorable bento boxes, and soup dumplings. Prepare to drool.
Munchies Staff

Russia Is Trying to Mend a 60-Year-Old Land Dispute Through Fishing Rights

Something as petty as technically still being at war isn’t stopping the Russian Federation from offering Japan the right to develop fisheries and other forms of aquaculture around the disputed islands.
Alex Swerdloff

Russia's Food Sanctions Have Escalated into Mass Cheese-Burning

As you may know, in response to Western sanctions against Russia following the conflict in the Ukraine, Russia has banned the import of Western beef, pork, fish and dairy. Now, the ban apparently isn’t enough for the Russians—they want to destroy any...
Alex Swerdloff
Russian food

Being Hit with Branches and Eating Crayfish at Russian Banyas Is a Blast

Russian banyas are a magnet for the country's émigrés in Britain. They're where homesick oligarchs, Russian footballers, and dancers come to act tough in the sauna and shoot the breeze over vodka, crayfish, and kvass. Turns out they're pretty welcoming...
Helen Nianias