San Fernando Valley


The Russian Mob Funded My Parents' Restaurant

When this guy's $300 check came, he refused to pay it and instead took out his pocket knife and stabbed the check in the middle of the bar.
Los Angeles

My Restaurant Was Burned Down By Arsonists

On the morning of August 23, 2015, I got a text from my business partner: “They burned down the restaurant.” There are no words to accurately describe your feelings when you see your blood, sweat, and tears literally charred up in front of you.
Rocio Camacho
Los Angeles

My Time as a Mexican Cop Made Me a Better Street Vendor in Los Angeles

Despite the hundreds of taco and bacon-wrapped hot dog vendors in LA out on a nightly basis, street vending is 100 percent illegal there. Meet this passionate street taco vendor who used to be a police officer in Mexico but now makes some of the best...
Javier Cabral

Why Line Cooks Should Work as Servers

There is no such thing as a back-of-the-house and a front-of-the-house at my restaurant. Everybody that works with me does everything from wash dishes, to bake bread, to make charcuterie, to clear out tables, to close out checks, to serve, to bartend...
Phillip Frankland Lee
Thai Food

This Buddhist Temple Serves Some of the Best Thai Food Outside of Bangkok

Deep in the San Fernando Valley, north of Los Angeles, is some of the best Thai food in the world. This food isn’t found in a restaurant, and it’s not in someone’s home, either. It’s in a Buddhist temple's parking lot.
Lara Rabinovitch