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‘50 Shades of Charcoal’ Is the Food Festival We Definitely Didn’t Ask For

Who doesn’t love a good “house-made charcoal sangria?”
Ian Burke

San Francisco's Besharam Serves Up Desi Nostalgia for Immigrant Kids

Chef Heena Patel masterfully created a space where young people of color can find community, rebellion, and the food that tastes like home.
Ikya Kandula

What Happened to the Bay Area's Beloved Pink Popcorn?

How a favored nostalgic treat with a cult-like following met its untimely demise.
Meaghan Clark Tiernan
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WATCH: Unbelievably Petty Man Calls Cops on Dude Eating Burrito on BART Train

This might be a new low in snitching.
Jelisa Castrodale
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27 of the Coolest Restaurants and Bars in San Francisco

Whether you want world-class fine dining, incredible dim sum, fresh-outta-the-ocean sushi, a strong rum drink served out of a whole pineapple, or just views that will take your breath away, SF is paradise.
Munchies Staff

FUEL: The Riff Raff Weight Gain Diet

We follow Riff Raff on his quest to become 240 pounds of pure muscle, as he plows through seafood, sips on giant frappuccinos, and "slangs slices" of pizza to his fans.
Riff Raff
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The Freaky, Fabulous Story of Marlena's, San Francisco's Santa-Studded Drag Bar

Marlena’s may be gone, but everyone has a story to tell about the most Christmassy drag bar—or draggiest Christmas bar—there ever was.
Mayukh Sen

How-To: Make Carne Asada with Taqueria La Cumbre

Eddie Duran of San Francisco's Taqueria La Cumbre explains the secrets behind perfectly grilled carne asada, which he sears and then serenades with a guitar.
Eddie Duran

My Fried Chicken Burrito Came to Me in a Dream

I realized how dream imprints can be an inspiration for a chef. It’s almost like I’m working in my sleep.
Wes Rowe
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Our 9 Favorite Burritos and Taquerias in San Francisco

It may look like all of these foil-wrapped gut bombs are equally amazing, but for locals, opinions run hot on who makes the one burrito to rule them all.
Munchies Staff

How to Start a Tiki Bar from Scratch

"It’s about the complete transformative experience of leaving the outside world and coming to another world where it’s dusk, it’s moody, it’s atmospheric."
Martin Cate

Meet the Godfather of Indian Pizza

“A lot of people ask me: ‘Do they have pizza like this in India?’” Tony grins. “No! That was only born here. That happens only here.”
Jackson Scarlett