San Juan

Puerto Rico

Meet the Queer Chefs Helping Puerto Rico's Culinary Community Shine

“I’ve never cooked in a kitchen with only queer people, mostly women, and centering Puerto Rican food and ingredients. There’s a lot to say here."
Keia Mastrianni
Puerto Rico

How Puerto Rican Chefs Are Feeding People After Hurricane Maria

"A typical day starts at 4 a.m. with four people in different gas lines, just because they only sell $20 worth per person."
Alicia Kennedy
Puerto Rico

I Searched for the Last Great Piña Colada in Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico is the birthplace of the beloved coconutty, rummy creation known as the piña colada. But what's less clear is who came up with it—or if any locals still drink it.
Alicia Kennedy
the border

Why This Bartender Got Turned Away at the US Border

After Sebastián Fernández was denied entry to Puerto Rico, a US territory, the island's bartenders rallied in solidarity with their colleague and against anti-immigrant rhetoric.
Alicia Kennedy
Puerto Rico

This Restaurant Is a Vegetarian Oasis on an Island of Meat and Cheese

Puerto Rico isn't exactly a vegetarian destination, and until a few years ago, few health food stores or vegetarian restaurants could be found in San Juan. But chef Jerome Valencia is trying to change that, one raw vegan mousse at a time.
Michaela Trimble
Costa Rica

Slow Food and Jungle Bartending in Costa Rica

Liz Furlong spends the better part of the year traveling all over Costa Rica, working closely with chefs, designing custom cocktail menus, and training bartenders for high-end hotels and restaurants.
Farah Khan
Puerto Rico

How Puerto Rico's Chefs Are Surviving the Island's Economic Crisis

When Puerto Rico defaulted on its multibillion-dollar debt this month, it created a precarious situation for the restaurants and chefs that have been reinvigorating the nation’s cuisine and helping to rebuild the island’s agricultural bounty.
Alicia Kennedy
Puerto Rico

This Trans Chef Is Putting Rock 'n' Roll into Puerto Rican Cuisine

Paxx Caraballo Moll is where perfectly cooked eggplant intersects with punk rock. They can think of a few reasons for leaving Puerto Rico, but they would rather stay and make its food scene more interesting and delicious.
Alicia Kennedy