Why You Should Be Drinking Your Beer in Season

This summer, put down the hoppy IPAs and the cheap Mexican lager and switch to a saison, originally brewed to quench the thirst of farm workers.
Matthew Osgood

The Cow Is Queen at This Scottish Milk Bar

“Our ice cream is 80 percent milk, 10 percent whipping cream, then sugar. It’s a milk ice cream: the cow is queen,” says Mary Hillard, owner of Edinburgh’s Mary’s Milk Bar, which has had people queuing round the block since opening in 2013.
Rebecca May Johnson

Why I Opened My Restaurant in the Middle of Nowhere

Having a restaurant in the countryside means you have to accept that you might not have everything you want, which actually makes it more fun to eat.
Daniel Berlin

Blood Custard Tastes Better Than It Sounds

Glasgow chef Craig Grozier is the proud mastermind behind hare blood custard: a dish channelling Scottish produce and traditional cooking techniques. “With Scottish ingredients, just get quality produce and cook it simply,” he explains.
Michael Segalov

This Week in Food Porn: Carrots, Crockery, and Kim Kardashian's Birthday Cake

This Halloween, dig in to the best of the week's online deliciousness, courtesy of Instagram's finest food porn.
Nell Frizzell

This Week in Food Porn

In preparation for autumn's oncoming carb-load, we bring you another instalment of This Week in Food Porn: MUNCHIES’ guide to the most delicious pics posted to Instagram in the past seven days.
Nell Frizzell

Polish Summer Food Goes Way Beyond Cabbage and Potatoes

Poland isn't a dungeon of meat and starch, but a wonderland of strawberries, seafood, and locally sourced, seasonal produce. You've just got to know where—and when—to look.
Dara Bramson

I'm Bringing Faggots Back to London's Restaurant Scene

People aren’t interested in meat and two veg anymore, you’ve got to mix it up. I put faggots and veal with cream of St George’s mushrooms on the menu recently and I’m amazed at the uptake.
Ronnie Murray
Make this

You Might Need a Sledgehammer to Make This Dessert, But It's Worth It

Survive the rest of the week by cracking the world's hardest nut and throwing it together with some juicy seasonal fruit, homemade whipped cream, and lemon zest.
Munchies Staff

This Is What It's Like to Farm Under Police Surveillance

In 2012, Forest of Dean eco-activists turned a 180-acre plot of land with no official owner since the 1800s into a self-reliant community farm. The land has now been sold to a local businessman, and residents are being forced to leave.
Michael Segalov

James Lowe and James Henry Have Created an Edible Bromance

Lyle’s James Lowe and James Henry of Bones shatter the egocentric chef stereotype with monkfish, 14-month cured ham, and good old-fashioned co-operation.
Phoebe Hurst

Southern Brazil Is Eating Endangered Pinecones

Picking up a bag of the seasonal treat known as <em>pinhão</em> is as familiar to Brazilians as stopping by a summertime peach tents in Georgia or huckleberry shacks in Montana. But deforestations is putting the trees that produce them at risk of...
Shannon Sims