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Why Does This Photo of a Jar of Raspberry Jam Make Everyone So Uncomfortable?

Cursed image.
Jelisa Castrodale

Woman Caught Trying to Sell $22,000 of Stolen Broccoli Seeds on Facebook

Not the smartest get-rich-quick scheme.
Dave Minsky

The Butt Nut: The Bootylicious Star of the Seychelles’ Ecosystem

From the rear, a coco de mer seed is the fruit equivalent of a belfie. Frontally, it’s a life-size replica of a woman’s reproductive region, including thigh tops, an exposed belly, and a pudendal cleft. It’s the Kim Kardashian of the plant kingdom.
Adam Gollner

This Seed Sharing Network Was Designed Like a Dating Site

Will co-opting the appeal of online dating services be enough to secure crop diversity the world over?
Alex Swerdloff
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This Seriously Delicious Homemade Granola Recipe Isn't Just for Hippies

With almonds, golden raisins, dates, pecans, seeds, and plenty of spices, we promise that this is the best granola you've ever tasted.
Munchies Staff

Hacking Quinoa DNA Could Help Solve Our Food Security Crisis

Researchers at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia say that by decoding the seed’s genome sequence, its DNA can be altered to significantly enhance yield.
Daisy Meager

All Aboard the Ship Sailing Near-Extinct Grains From Oslo to Istanbul

“We’re using the seeds as a way to talk about challenges within the food system,” says Amy Franceschini, one of the artists involved in the project.
Daisy Meager

How Scientists Are Ensuring Syria’s Seeds Survive War and Climate Change

Between climate change and war, Syrian agricultural history and diversity are under unprecedented threat. Here’s a glimpse into the ways that scientists are working around the clock to ensure that the country's seed diversity doesn’t get wiped out...
Emma Beals

A Chinese Spy Stole Millions in Corn Seeds from Monsanto

Mo Hailong, has confessed to his role as the ringleader of a group that stole proprietary corn seeds from agro-giants DuPont Pioneer and Monsanto
Alex Swerdloff

Kale Is Becoming Too Popular for Its Own Good

Kale has become an integral part of the American diet, and with that cultural significance comes a great cost for farmers.
Nick Rose

The Syrian War Has Prompted the First Withdrawal from the 'Doomsday' Seed Vault

After the war broke out in Syria in 2011, a vital seed bank sent its collection to be stored deep inside an Arctic mountain vault. But now it wants its seeds back.
Munchies Staff
Gm os

Brands Are Putting 'GMO-Free' Labels on Products That Don't Even Have Genes

While there may be healthy skepticism surrounding the safety of genetically modified foods, producers are being forced to use "GMO-free" labels when they don't even need them.
Nick Rose