Olive Garden Waiter Fired for Pretending to Have Cancer to Get Better Tips

The server was let go when reports emerged of him taking very generous tips after spinning some yarn about how he required cancer treatment.
Nick Rose

Texas Cop Pulls Up to Crime Scene, Orders Burger Instead of Making Arrest

As a fellow officer was dealing with a drunken disturbance outside of a 24-hour Whataburger, San Antonio police officer Gary Nel pulled up to the scene and decided that the situation needed no further intervention. Instead, he beelined it to the cash...
Nick Rose

'Satanic' Toddlers Pissed Off a San Francisco Restaurant Owner

A well-known restaurant owner went a little far in a Facebook rant about kids in dining rooms.
Nick Rose
Restaurant Confessionals

It’s Hard to Enjoy Going Out to Dinner When You’re a Chef

I don't think of myself as a demanding person, but since I work in a kitchen, I simply know the way certain things need to be prepared. If I don't think something tastes good at a restaurant, I’ll let them know. I’m paying for it, right?
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A Restaurant That Banned Kids Just Did Its Best Ever Weekend Trade

An Australian restaurant owner made headlines this month after he banned children from his establishment. Social media backlash ensued but Liam Flynn says he has just posted his most successful weekend trade in years. (Dogs are still welcome.)
Phoebe Hurst

It’s Official, No One Really Likes Using iPads to Order in Restaurants

A new report has found that most of us are pretty ambivalent about technology in restaurants, with 37 percent of British adults saying they prefer to eat out in a tech-free environment.
Phoebe Hurst
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How to Get Rid of a Terrible Restaurant Customer

There’s a customer we call Underbite who lives in the neighborhood near Thirty Acres and rides a fold-up bicycle. I've kicked him out of my restaurant a number of times, but he continues to haunt me.
Kevin Pemoulie
Restaurant Confessionals

You Don't Need Laws to Figure Out How to Tip Me

I would make more money if there was a mandatory tipping policy, but there's a lot to be said about the benefits of some untaxed income when you’re working in the service industry.

Some Cafés in the South of France Are Run Like the Mafia

Aix-en-Provence has a bit of a Mafia problem and it bleeds into the way its cafés have been run for over a century. We spoke to a waiter who spends his time stuffing cash into envelopes for anonymous men in suits and ignoring tourists.
Ian Treanor