sexual harassment

sexual harassment

NYC Bills Would Make Harassment Bystander Training Mandatory for Bar and Club Staff

The regulations would be under the purview of the city's newly minted Office of Nightlife.
Danielle Wayda

WeWork to Limit Previously Unlimited Free Beer for Members

Now you'll be limited to only 4 beers a day to numb the pain of your spreadsheets.
Hannah Keyser
sexual harassment

Federal Lawsuits Suggest Applebee's, IHOP Are Hotbeds of Sexual Harassment

Since 2010, there have been eight lawsuits in total against the two brands—higher than for any other restaurant chains.
Mayukh Sen
sexual harassment

Monster Energy Is Being Sued by Five Women for Alleged Sexual Misconduct

The company claims that the women are “disgruntled employees.”
Mayukh Sen
Mario Batali

The Writer Who Blogged About Baking Mario Batali's Cinnamon Roll Recipe Got Hacked

“A woman with something to say and an online platform on which to say it is going to deal with vitriol and harassment," she says about the backlash.
Mayukh Sen

We Can't Change the Restaurant Industry without Improving HR

When we talk about long-term solutions, we have to aim for more than not crossing the law, because the law can and does fail us.
Leah Campbell

Stop Being Surprised When Your Sommelier Is a Woman

The restaurant industry needs to make space for women to build meaningful careers, too.
Victoria James

Mario Batali on Leave from Restaurants and TV Following Sexual Harassment Allegations

At least four women have come forward with claims that Batali touched them inappropriately and made lewd comments about their bodies.
Hilary Pollack
Restaurant Confessionals

In 2017, Some Chefs Still Don’t Understand Sexual Harassment

Being drunk isn't an excuse for putting the moves on anyone who explicitly tells you no.
sexual harassment

This Bar's A+ Sign Fights Sexual Harassment and Deters Creeps

"We had to toss out a guy who was harassing myself and another female bartender."
Nick Rose
Restaurant Confessionals

Male Bartenders Don’t Like Getting Sexually Harassed, Either

Grabbing your bartender’s ass is sexual harassment, regardless of gender.
Restaurant Confessionals

I'm Your Flight Attendant and I Think You're All a Bunch of Drunks

I know that this is your fourth Bloody Mary, and I can tell that you're super high on Ambien. Just don't tell me I have a sexy PA voice or ask me for a sparkling water—we have club soda.