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23 Recipes for Clams, Mussels, and All Your Other Favorite Bivalves

The world is your oyster!!!!
Munchies Staff
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15 Crab Recipes Worth Wearing a Bib For

If you're not getting a little messy, you're probably doing it wrong.
Munchies Staff

Opioids Are Showing Up in Mussels in the Pacific Northwest

They won't get you high, but they do show just how much oxycodone is being consumed in the area.
Jelisa Castrodale
Chinese food

Shrimp and Mango Dumplings

A little sweet and a little savory, this recipe is simple to prepare but will make you feel like a dumpling master. Did we mention the dipping sauce?
Sue Chan

A Swedish Crayfish Party Is a Spectacle of Shellfish and Savagery

Sooner or later, every crayfish party turns into a macabre spectacle of boozed-up beasts in silly hats, brutalizing an inferior species.
Theo Hagman Rogowski

Mussel Fritters

Take your seafood game to the next level with these light as a feather fritters.
Fabian Steel

Chili Mud Crab

Mud crabs are hard to find, but this recipe would work well with just about any crab variation. So no excuses–make it.
Steve Austin

There's a Danish Town Overrun with Giant Oysters

Ribe, a Danish town on the Jutland Peninsula, is rife with peculiarities. Not least the ever-multiplying plague of giant oysters bigger than human hands that live a few kilometers from the shore.
Rachel Walker
Pig roast

How to Roast an Oyster-Stuffed Pig

Step 1: Get about 4,000 oysters.
Alex Krancher

Why We Don’t Eat California Spiny Lobsters (Even Though They Taste Better)

California spiny lobsters lack the pincers typical of Maine lobsters and are sweeter than their East Coast counterparts—but Americans are lucky if they ever find them on their dinner plates.
Clarissa Wei
future of food

Why This Seafood Restaurant Hired a Marine Biologist

"People want to know that the path is sustainable and the fish have been treated well along the way. The problem is that the longer the supply chain gets the harder it is to know.”
Kate Springer
Action Bronson

Action Bronson Cooked This Flavorful Clam Dish in a Bong

Styled after the popular seafood stew from San Francisco, this stripped-down version of cioppino is all clams, potatoes, and earthy, savory, aroma.
Hilary Pollack