The Last Bite

The Last Bite: Steak Pie and Chips at One of the Oldest Cafes in London's East End

Arthur’s is a classic East End cafe, preserved, if you will, in corned beef jelly. “I do things like stewing steak with boiled peas,” says the eponymous Arthur Woodham, now in his 76th year of service at the cafe. “You don’t get many cafes doing that...
Natalie Hardwick

Hey, VICE Just Launched a Signature Beer Called Old Blue Last

At the VICE office, we like to drink beer. A lot of it. So we came up with our own, and soon, you can try it, too.
Munchies Staff

This London Chef Is Taking Turkish Food Beyond the Kebab Shop

On a quiet street corner in Shoreditch, chef Selin Kiazim’s restaurant is ridding Turkish food of its greasy kebab shop reputation, one octopus pide at a time.
Suze Olbrich
The Last Bite

The Last Bite: Proper Tea at a London Coffee Stall that Survived the Blitz

Opened in 1919, Syd’s Coffee Stall in Shoreditch has survived the bombing of the East End in World War Two—as well as recent gentrification of the area—to continue proudly serving the “best tea in London.”
Daisy Meager

Meet the Filipino Sisters Behind Paris’ Coolest Neo-Bistro

Chef Tatiana Levha and sister Katia (front-of-house) run Le Servan, a casual Paris eatery injecting Asian flavours into traditional French dishes. “It’s pretty natural, it’s what we like to eat,” explains Katia.
Phoebe Hurst

Inside the London Shipping Container Serving Vegan Food to Grandmas and Grime Artists

In a Shoreditch shipping container complex, Cook Daily is revolutionising the knit-your-own-dhal reputation of vegan food. “People come back again and again—they even bring their grandmas,” says founder King.
Laura Martin

This Bar Is Serving Whisky from an 18-Foot Oak Tree

London’s Black Rock bar serves its specialist whisky from an 18-foot, 185-year-old, three-tonne English oak tree which sits at the centre of the room.
Gareth May

This Graffiti-Artist-Turned-Chef Is Lighting Up the Paris Restaurant Scene

Lauded as a “neo bistro,” Bertrand Grébaut’s Septime restaurant has become one of Paris’ most hyped eateries, thanks to its extremely chill approach to fine dining.
Phoebe Hurst

Hey London, Win Dinner for Two at Michelin-Starred Restaurant Lyle’s

We’re giving away a table at London restaurant Lyle’s’ exclusive dinner with Paris chef Bertrand Grébaut.
Munchies Staff
Win it

Hey London: Win a Place at Lyle’s’ Exclusive Dinner with Badass Chef Daniel Berlin

This month, celebrated Swedish chef Daniel Berlin cooks a one-off dinner at the newly Michelin-starred Lyle’s restaurant—and we’re giving away a table-for-two.
Munchies Staff
East London

London's New Cereal Cafe Is a Slap Bracelet to the Face

Next month in Shoreditch, a cafe that serves nothing but 90s cereal will open its doors to throngs of nostalgia-hungry customers who will LOL and LOL about how they thought their Beanie Babies were worth loads but now they totally aren’t.
Lucy Hancock

Expat Hipsters Are Taking Over Taiwan’s Craft Beer Scene

I came to Taiwan to brew my craft beers with locals, but I was blown away by the amount of expat hipsters—the driving force behind Taipei’s craft beer scene.
Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø