Vegan Mapo Tofu Recipe

The classic Sichuan specialty, vegan.
Danny Bowien

China Thinks McDonald's Highly Coveted Szechuan Sauce Is 'Just OK'

The reviews are in for this cursed McDonald's condiment now that it's landed in China. Sorry, 'Rick and Morty' fans—they're not great.
Mayukh Sen

This Restaurant Celebrates a Brutal Era in Chinese History

Sichuan is full of restaurants themed around the Cultural Revolution, when millions of Chinese were exiled, tortured, and killed by the Communist regime.
Jamie Fullerton
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This Mapo Doufu Is Proof That It's Way Easier to Make Chinese Food Than You Think

This Sichuanese classic is hearty, umami, and fiery as hell—and cooking it takes less time than ordering Chinese takeout.
Munchies Staff
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Meet the Woman Who Is Redefining Modern Sichuanese Cuisine

What's wrong with mapo ragu? At Jenny Gao's pop-up supper club Fly by Jing, Sichuan tradition blends with influences from all over China and the globe.
Clarissa Wei
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This Town Produces the Best Peppercorns in China

On average, half a kilogram of Sichuan peppercorns from Hanyuan sells for about $15—far more expensive than peppercorns from elsewhere in China.
Clarissa Wei

Foraging for Fish Mint in Rural Sichuan Is Smelly Business

I traveled to the mountains of Sichuan to forage for fish mint, a culinary delicacy and prized ingredient in Chinese medicine whose name is derived from the fishy aroma the leaves emit.
Clarissa Wei

Why Is It So Hard to Find Good Chinese Food in Shanghai?

Chinese food in Shanghai simply isn't all that good. I'm not talking about Shanghainese cuisine, with its fatty pork and sweet, thick sauces. I'm talking about food from the diverse regions all over China, which Shanghai just can't seem to get right.
Carolyn Surh

Huang's World: Chengdu, Part 3

Eddie learns the subtleties of Sichuan cooking from master chef Yu, visits the sculpture factory of artist Deng Le, and climbs into a treehouse parlor to discover Taiwanese tea-pouring.
Eddie Huang

Copenhagen's Best Fast Food Restaurants When You Can't Eat at noma

The World's 50 Best Restaurants List was announced yesterday, and yes, Copenhagen is home to some of the top dining spots.
Lars Eriksen