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Ancient Sicilians Were Eating the Same Italian Ice We Know Today

The basic recipe and method hasn't changed much in a thousand years.
Danielle Wayda

This Man Is Transforming Sicilian Lava into Wine

"When I started, I was searching for a precise concept: I wanted to find the lava within the bottle, which I call the liquid rock."
Alice Sagona

Watch the Trailer for Next Week's Sicilian Episode of 'Huang's World'

Watch the trailer for a very Sicilian episode of <i>Huang's World.</i>
Munchies Staff

Watch Eddie Huang Talk Bao and Being a Human Panda on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'

'Huang's World' returns on VICELAND this Thursday! Watch Eddie and Stephen Colbert talk topics ranging from the popularity of pork buns to the reason he got arrested in Sicily.
Munchies Staff

Watch Eddie Eat Fish Sperm in a Deleted Scene from 'Huang's World'

Eddie Huang is coming back to the small screen on April 28, and we've got a sneak peek of what's to come on his VICELAND series.
Munchies Staff

Naples's Best Pizza Maker Is Loved and Hated for Good Reason

Gino Sorbillo is considered Naples's best Neopolitan pizza maker, but between run-ins with the local mafia, a restaurant fire, and an influx of tourism, his road to success hasn't been easy.
Alberto Mucci

This Calabrian Limoncello Tastes Like a Boozy Creamsicle

In the tiny town of Gagliato in southern Italy, I met a local chef who makes crema di limoncello that will stop you in your tracks. The strangest part? She doesn't even drink.
Wyatt Marshall

This Naples Restaurant Is Fighting the Local Mafia

Casal di Principe is a Sicilian town that has been ravaged by the Camorra, the local mafia, but one local restaurant is fighting back with food.
Alberto Mucci

Columbus Was a Bastard but at Least He Brought Chocolate to Italy

We all know that Christopher Columbus was genocidal social climber who was instrumental in destroying the indigenous culture of the New World. But on Columbus Day in the Italian town of Modica, the Aztec method of chocolate-making still thrives.
Luke Pyenson

Being Frank: Sicily

Being Frank means visiting Sicily every October to taste the "olio nuovo" ("new oil" in English), an early harvest unfiltered extra virgin olive oil.
The Franks
Coming Soon

Being Frank: Episode 2, Sicily (Trailer)

Get a sneak peek of the Franks taking on Sicily in this trailer for episode 2, in which they turn their mouths black from squid ink pasta, drink olive oil out of a cup, and visit a jarring business.
The Franks