food safety

This Bizarre Video Game Clowns On Trump's Proposed Pig Slaughter Policy

What's better than shooting fecal matter showering from the sky with mustard lasers from a hot dog?
Mayukh Sen
animal welfare

British Slaughterhouses Are Committing Thousands of Animal Welfare Breaches Every Year

A new report from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism has found that animal mistreatment is taking place an average of 13 times a day in British abattoirs.
Daisy Meager

This Virtual Reality Slaughterhouse Could Turn You Vegetarian

A simulated factory farm tour from animal welfare group Animal Equality is traveling the UK to test the meat-eating resolve of anyone willing to strap on the goggles.
Charles Parkinson

Thousands of Vegans Are Trying to Convince Walmart to Ban This Toy

The petition was started by Veganoso, a Toronto-based vegan activist hoping to ending speciesism, who says that a toy livestock trailer currently sold by Walmart is “normalizing the enslavement and murder of animals to kids”.
Alex Swerdloff

Germany Is Outlawing One of the Egg Industry's Most Brutal Practices

Hundreds of millions of baby chicks are shredded alive every year because they're unable to lay eggs. But German scientists think they may have found a way to end the practice.
Alex Swerdloff

A Man Named Chicken Gave Me An Education in Lamb

I made a pilgrimage to Pennsylvania to learn about how local farms are producing some of the best lamb in the United States. In the process, I met a butcher named Chicken who taught me things I didn't expect.
Larissa Zimberoff

India’s Hindu-Majority Government Is Taking Its Islamophobia Out on Beef Slaughterhouses

There’s a battle brewing in India, and unsurprisingly it centers on a highly controversial practice there: cow slaughter.
Lauren Rothman
halal slaughter

We Spoke to Temple Grandin About the UK Halal Slaughterhouse Controversy

Video footage from inside a Yorkshire slaughterhouse has reignited debates over whether halal slaughter is humane. But Dr. Grandin says such animal abuse isn't limited to halal abattoirs.
Lauren Rothman

Halal Slaughter Is More Complicated Than You Realize

As the Muslim populations of Western nations continue to grow, controversy over the halal slaughter of animals has intensified. We asked Dr. Temple Grandin the question that's most often at the center of the scandals: is halal slaughter humane?
Lauren Rothman

Soul Food: Halal

Dawn sets out to uncover what’s so hot about Halal. She finds delectable delicacies at The Halal Guys food cart and an intimate family dinner, learns about the relationship between food and religion, and visits a Halal slaughterhouse.
Dawn O'Porter

Blood Collection the Cajun Way

Communal pig butchering, one of the last remnants of Cajun culinary traditions, is the only way to experience the primal first taste of boudin noir, or Cajun sausage mixed with rice and fresh pig's blood.
Denny Culbert

Meet the Therapist Who's the Only Female Slaughterer in the UK

Ruth Tudor, a slaughterer and psychologist, runs The Meat Course at Trealy Farm in Wales, which aims to help people connect with the reality of farming animals for meat. Having never seen a slaughter myself, I rang Ruth for a chat.
Eleanor Morgan