Nine Massive Fisheries Just Pledged to Combat Overfishing and Slave Labor

The world may be burning, but there's still some hope for our oceans.
Alex Swerdloff

Yale Dishwasher Loses His Job After Smashing Stained-Glass Window That Showed Slaves Picking Cotton

In what he called “an act of civil disobedience,” Corey Menafee, a 38-year-old African-American dishwasher employed by Yale University, smashed a stained-glass window in a college dining hall with a broom.
Alex Swerdloff
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Ole Missus vs. Mammy: Who Owns Southern Food?

A response to Cynthia Bertelsen's “Edna Lewis and the Mythology Behind Modern Southern Food.”
Michael Twitty

Ray J Claims Naomi Judd Has Racist Opinions About Grits

The R&B singer claims that during filming for the upcoming Fox show, 'My Kitchen Rules'—a reality cooking competition show—seventy-year-old country music singer, Naomi Judd, openly referred to grits as "slave food.”
Alex Swerdloff

An Article About Nestlé's Use of Slave Labor Was Sponsored by Their Competitor

Competition can be nasty in the corporate food business, and sometimes a blow can be delivered in a surprising way.
Alex Swerdloff

A Book About Slaves Making Cake for George Washington Stirs Up Major Controversy

'A Birthday Cake for George Washington' follows the story of Hercules, George Washington’s real-life slave and a renowned chef, as he cheerfully bakes a cake for the first president.
Wyatt Marshall
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The Terrible Ways That Humans Fucked Up Food This Year

Even the world of food can't escape humanity's penchant for violence, exploitation, and straight-up evil.
Munchies Staff

The Shrimp Industry's Slave Labor Problem Is Even Worse Than We Thought

A further investigation has revealed that global restaurants and stores—including supposedly conscientious retailers like Whole Foods—are also selling shrimp peeled by slaves.
Alex Swerdloff
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A People's History of Cornbread Stuffing

If it’s Southern and it predates Civil War, it means we’re talking about slavery. The fact is that enslaved people’s hands crafted the most popular American stuffing out of old cornbread.
Michael Twitty

The Shrimp in Your Scampi Are Still Being Caught By Burmese Slaves

According to a new investigative report, the slaves at Indonesian seafood farms often work 22-hour shifts, and are starved, beaten, and locked in cages.
Hilary Pollack

Talking 'Southern Discomfort': Foodcast with Michael Twitty

MUNCHIES editor-in-chief Helen Hollyman sits down with Michael Twitty to discuss his Southern Discomfort Tour and how race and identity meet through the food of contemporary America.
Helen Hollyman
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How to Talk About Race Through Food

In this video, MUNCHIES Editor-in-chief Helen Hollyman sits down with Michael Twitty, a culinary historian whose work centers on the antebellum slave kitchen, to discuss how he addresses race through food.
Munchies Staff