Pope Francis Warns that Texting at the Dinner Table Will Cause Wars

Pope Francis is on a crusade to preserve one of the last bastions of “togetherness and solidarity” in our depraved world, and he’ll be damned if he’s going to let emojis and right swipes get in the way of a good meal.
Nick Rose

Never Interact With Another Human Again in This Unmanned Grocery Store

Shoppers use smartphones to enter the store and buy goods. There are a total of zero actual cashiers.
Alex Swerdloff

This Hot Pot Table Forces People to Turn Off Their Cell Phones

By allowing diners to power a heating element with their cell phones, the IKEA table essentially forces them to choose between eating and tweeting.
Nick Rose

You Can Now Help Feed Refugees with Your Phone

The WFP has launched an app that lets users donate 50 cents to feed a child refugee from Syria for a day.
Wyatt Marshall

A ‘Smart’ Wine Bottle Could Solve China’s Fake Alcohol Problem

A printed electronics company has developed what it claims is the world’s first “smart" wine bottle. The bottle detects whether factory seals have been broken and can communicate wirelessly with smartphones.
Phoebe Hurst

Your Smartphone Ruined My Dinner

We all know it's rude. But the burning desire to fiddle with your phone during a meal is more than just a dining faux pas. As we ignore our companions we're also ignoring the food itself—just mashing glass screens while we let it go cold.
Nina Joyce

The Future of Takeaway Technology Is Pizza Shaped

Domino's have just added voice ordering capabilities to their delivery app, which means the next time you want a pizza, you’ll barely have to action your greasy digits. Just fire up your smartphone and bellow your order from the comfort of your sofa...
Josh Woodfin