How to Make a World-Class Cocktail Out of Berlin's Convenience Store Booze

In Berlin, we are fortunate enough to have convenience stores called Spätkaufs that cater to drunks and stoners in the darkest hours of the night. I decided to try my hand at making cocktails out of ingredients that you can gather from the Spätkauf at...
Julius Theis
Action Bronson

Follow the Pecan Smoke to Some of Atlanta's Greatest Pork Ribs

Atlanta's legendary bbq spot, Wyatt's Country Bar-B-Que, has been smoking some of the cities greatest pork, chicken, and beef for 30 plus years, and even Action Bronson approves.
Andrew Thomas Lee

Why Booze and Cigarettes Go So Well Together

In a new study from the University of Missouri’s Department of Neurology, researchers claim that cigarettes cancel out the sleep-inducing effects of alcohol, causing the two to “feed off one another.”
Phoebe Hurst

Montreal’s Best Jerk Chicken Is Served In A Back-Alley

Roy Riettie had to start from scratch when he arrived in Montreal from Jamaica. But with a little inspiration from chef Chuck Hughes, he has gone from money man to jerk chicken master.
Nick Rose

This Restaurant’s Smoking Area Got Accused of Disrespecting the Queen

A Scottish city councillor has criticised a London restaurant for not showing appropriate reverence for the Queen, due to the placement of its smoking area.
Phoebe Hurst

The State of North Carolina Is Now Selling BBQ-Scented Lottery Tickets

In what could be humanity’s single greatest advancement since the wheel, the tastemakers at the North Carolina Education Lottery have just unveiled the state’s latest attempt to bolster lottery ticket sales: a barbecue-scented lottery ticket.
Alex Swerdloff

BBQ Road Trip: Episode 1 – London

On our BBQ Road Trip, host Tom Wright leads us on an intoxicating, eye-opening, waist-expanding culinary journey from the UK to the US in search of the most magical smoke-licked meat.
Tom Wright

Forest Fires Could Make California Wines Taste Like Salami and Wet Ashtrays

In 2008, smoke from forest fires blanketed California's Anderson Valley, imbuing the grapes grown there with "smoke taint" that ended up overwhelming all the other notes in the bottle a couple years later.
Munchies Staff

Austin Loves Its Barbecue Too Much to Regulate the Smoke

If you happen to live in Austin, you may very well live downwind of a barbecue joint. And the sultry, mesquite embrace emitted from the meat equivalent of a forest fire? Well, it might just be driving you batshit crazy.
Alex Swerdloff

MUNCHIES Presents: The Salt Lick BBQueue

Our meat-loving host Pat Dean visits another meat mecca: The Salt Lick in Austin, Texas. Pat tries the famous beef ribs that patrons are prepared to wait up to FOUR hours for to see what all the fuss is about.
Sam Dean

Macaroni and Cheese Evacuated a State Capitol Building This Morning

But the issue of microwave evacuations is nothing new. In 2007, Seattle toyed with the idea of banning microwaveable popcorn from all city buildings because the issue of “burning kernels” had caused a dozen evacuations in the span of three years.
Hilary Pollack

Your Spice Cabinet Needs to Quit Smoking

People and plush chairs aren't the only things that absorb smoke—plants meant for food do, too. Recently, a group of researchers sought to discover the origins of nicotine that has increasingly been found in food crops such as spices and herbal teas.
Munchies Staff