Today's Special: Plot to Smuggle Tortoises by Disguising Them as Pastries Fails Spectacularly

Plus, there's a hot new kink out there: the boots that workers wear in poultry processing plants.
Jelisa Castrodale

Woman Arrested for Disguising 10 Pounds of Heroin as Cooked Chicken

More than 3,700 pounds of heroin has been confiscated at US ports of entry this year, but it doesn't usually look like a juicy bird.
Jelisa Castrodale

Prison Worker Arrested for Trying to Sneak Drug-Stuffed Burrito into Jail

There are smarter, decidedly less sketchy ways to combine your loves of weed and Mexican food.
Jelisa Castrodale

Customs Agents Find 42 Pounds of Horse Body Parts Hidden in Juice Boxes

Two women from Mongolia have joined the insane smuggling tactics hall of fame after being caught with 42 pounds of horsemeat and horse genitals hidden in juice boxes at Washington Dulles International Airport.
Wyatt Marshall

That EgyptAir Flight Let a Fake Bomb on Board but Took This Man's Frozen Chicken

Sadly for the man, the bird was found by security officials in Cyprus after the hijacker was in custody and the plane was readying to return to Cairo.
Alex Swerdloff

Don't Try to Smuggle Raw Chicken in Your Luggage

He tried to smuggle in five raw chickens and three packages of pork meat on a flight that arrived at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport last week.
Alex Swerdloff
prison food

How to Eat Well in a Mexican Prison

Rather than force inmates to survive on watery soup and mystery meat, family members often bring their loved ones home-cooked meals at this prison north of Mexico City.
Andrea Viedma

Nova Scotia Is Now and Forever Soaked in Rum

Long before it began building ships, Nova Scotia was distilling rum. A favorite haunt of pirates in the 1700s, the province later became a hotbed of rum smuggling during Prohibition. Now, craft distilleries are carrying on the rum tradition.
Griffin J. Elliot
Saudi Arabia

48,000 Cans of Beer Disguised as Pepsi Were Just Confiscated by Saudi Officials

Saudi Arabian officials announced yesterday that they confiscated 48,000 cans of beer disguised at Pepsi cans. Reports say a man attempted to bring the alcohol through the Al Batha border, which Saudi Arabia shares with the United Arab Emirates.
Alex Swerdloff

Russian Criminals Hid Half a Ton of Caviar in a Hearse and Casket

Russia’s Interior Ministry said in a statement that the Russian police uncovered 1,100 pounds of caviar in the back of a hearse that was pulled over for speeding.
Alex Swerdloff

Bootleggers in Northern Canada Are Using Juice and Cereal Boxes to Smuggle Contraband

Some parts of Canada's north have been under prohibition for over a century, but that hasn't stopped bootleggers from finding crafty ways of smuggling booze.
Nick Rose

How China Shops for Groceries

Earth’s largest economy has suffered food scare after food scare. As a result, a vigorous grey market of smuggled food supplies parts of the country with goods from abroad.