Chinese cooking

A Guided Tour of London’s Chinatown with Fuchsia Dunlop

Food writer and Chinese cooking don Fuchsia Dunlop showed me where to get the best dim sum, fresh fish, and vegetarian “pork slivers” in London's Chinatown.
Daisy Meager
The Last Bite

The Last Bite: The 130-Year-Old London Coffee Shop That Won’t Serve Lattes

Algerian Coffee Stores has been providing Soho’s caffeine fix since 1887.
Daisy Meager
Parsi Cuisine

Why You’ll Find London’s Best Persian Indian Food in a Cake Shop Basement

Chef Farokh Talati’s day job is at legendary nose-to-tail restaurant St. John, but every month or so he takes over a Soho patisserie to cook the food of his Parsi heritage.
Daisy Meager
New York

Cronut-Craving New Yorkers Ignored a Dead Body

According to reports, people in line for cronuts at 6AM were not bothered by the sight of a dead man on a public bench.
Nick Rose

Why Waiters Are Racing Through London's Soho with Trays of Prosecco

London’s Soho Waiters Race dates back to the 1950s and sees local waitstaff run through the streets holding a bottle of fizz balanced on a tray. “The waiters are part of the community,” explains race volunteer Tim Baros. “We want to build relationships...
Samantha Rea
Last Call

Meet the Members’ Club Duo Throwing London’s Most Outrageous Parties

We spoke to Brian Clivaz and Laurence Isaacson of L’Escargot in Soho about catering for Madonna, serving royalty, and why it’s always the quiet ones who get chucked out at 2 AM.
Daisy Meager

How I Learned to Un-Cook Meat and Make Better Steaks

I’ve worked for some of the best chefs in the world—Marco Pierre White, Alain Ducasse, the Roux brothers—but since cooking on charcoal and live fire, I’ve had to learn to un-cook, to keep things really simple.
Richard Turner

Neapolitan Pizza Chefs Think Pizza-Spinning Is Tacky

While some say it improves rise and texture, many Neapolitan pizza chefs see pizza-spinning, the skilled tossing of raw dough, as unnecessary freestyling. “It is like when a football player is good at freestyle but not the match," says one.
Gareth May
Last Call

Meet the Cabaret-Dancing Pub Landlady Who Doesn’t Serve Pints

Welcome back to Last Call, where we visit watering holes around the world for life advice from their trusty barkeepers. Today, we meet landlady and former cabaret artist Lesley Lewis at The French House in London.
Harry Sword

Hunter S. Thompson Tried to Get Paid in Cocaine at My Tequila Bar

A day before I opened my first London bar, a magazine asked to interview Hunter S. Thompson there. I remember him, he was everything you thought he’d be—petulant, temperamental, a bit violent.
Tomas Estes

What It’s Like to Eat a Three-Course Valentine’s Day Meal Alone

It is 12 noon on a grey Tuesday in the middle of February as I sit here, in a red nylon frock, preparing to eat a three-course Valentine’s Day meal alone. Entirely alone.
Nell Frizzell

Fergus Henderson Has Perfected the Art of All-Day Drinking

St. John founder and cheffing legend Fergus Henderson has a carefully honed drinking regime, starting with a morning Fernet Branca and ending with an “uplifting” gin and tonic.
Josh Barrie