South Africa


'Four Drink Maximum' Drive-Up Bar Stirs Up Controversy, Which Was the Point

Ah, the old bait and switch.
Jelisa Castrodale

The Brutal History of South Africa's Most Famous Curry

The real story of Durban curry, the dish that sparked countless urban legends.
Ishay Govender-Ypma
South Africa

How This South African Dairy Is Fighting Gender-Based Violence

Orange Grove Dairy in the South African town of Dundee donates surplus dairy goods to the local women’s centre, helping it to provide meals for up to 700 people four times per week.
Charles Parkinson
Best of 2016

Our Staff's Favorite Stories from 2016

We had one hell of a year—hunting reindeer and frogs, visiting underground restaurants in Compton, making frenemies at the Trump Tower bar. Here are our editorial staff’s favorite articles published in 2016.
Munchies Staff
South Africa

Can Cooking Meat Really Help South Africa Reconcile Its Legacy of Apartheid?

Braai day is supposed to bring South Africans together through cooking meat, but the feel-good ideology that the holiday espouses has drawn increasing critique.
Kimon de Greef

Drop the Jerky and Start Eating Biltong

Warren Pala's New Jersey-based Braaitime is one of the few biltong producers in the country, and it's slowly chipping away at the giant market share of his biggest competitor, jerky.
Serena Solomon

This Is Why Britain Loves Nando's So Much

Out of the 1,094 Nando’s in the world, a third are in the UK and British icons as disparate as Prince Harry and David Haye are fans. But how did a mediocre fried chicken chain make such a dent on British food?
Nell Frizzell

Rooibos-Infused Wine Might Save You a Headache

In the mountainous vineyards of Stellenbosch, the Audacia winery is doing something, well, audacious: using local rooibos in its wines. In addition to boosting the flavor of its merlot, Audacia claims this could bring health benefits and fewer...
Adam Sege and Emily Jan
South Africa

We Hope Nelson Mandela Wanted His Legacy to Include a Line of Wines

The Mandela family is getting their Francis Ford Coppola on and joining an elite group of public figures who own vineyards and wineries such as, you know, Lil Jon. Seems legit.
Alex Swerdloff

It's Not Too Late to Drop-Kick Your Cheeseburger Diet

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh have found that in just two weeks, your body will measurably thank you for ditching corn dogs and burgers in favor of a high-fiber diet.
Munchies Staff

Scientists Are Defending Africa's Goat Milk Supply with a Groundbreaking Vaccine

Canadian scientists are working on new vaccine will eradicate five kinds of devastating diseases in African livestock before they spread to other countries.
Karon Liu

South Africa Is in a Massive Cock Fight with the Congressional Chicken Caucus

While the US has allowed Chardonnay from Stellenbosch to flow duty-free into American goblets since 2000, taxes imposed on Yankee bird meat that same year have impeded US chicken sales to the growing South African market.
Emelyn Rude