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A Beginner's Guide to All of the Amazing Fruit in Colombia

How to navigate produce in a country that grows just about everything.
Aaron Kase

MUNCHIES Presents: Cooking on the Most Dangerous Seas

The Drake Passage, situated between South America's Cape Horn and the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica, is considered to be one of the most dangerous ship passages in the world.
Vikram Gandhi
Restaurant Confessionals

What It's Like to Get Sued by a Waiter

I know it’s just fucking money, but he sued us for so much and we had so many expenses opening a second restaurant. We’re still paying him off in installments.

Has Venezuela's Food Shortage Really Led People to Eat Flamingos and Anteaters?

Reports also claim people have begun to eat horses, cats, dogs, and pigeons.
Gigen Mammoser
The Last Bite

The Last Bite: A 106-Year-Old Hippopotamus in Buenos Aires

“If someone came into El Hipopótamo and asked me for a Frappuccino, I’d tell them to go to the Starbucks down the road—or more likely tell them to fuck off.”
Sorrel Moseley-Williams

Scientists Say Climate Change Might Not Be Destroying Coffee Plantations After All

A new study from the University of Exeter throws cold coffee on the theory that climate change has caused the bean-destroying coffee rust fungus to spread, destroying plantations in Central and South America.
Phoebe Hurst
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Why Brazil’s Answer to Mexican Tequila Is the Perfect Drink

Older than Peruvian pisco and Mexican tequila, cachaça originates from the sugarcane plantations in north Brazil. "Cachaça is the perfect drink," says restaurant owner Silvio Luiz de Oliveira. “It invigorates the energy and makes a great caipirinha."
Donna Bowater
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How a Cleaning Lady Became One of Argentina’s Only Female Grill Chefs

In Argentina, cooking asado barbecue is a guy job—women get to dally about with lettuce and wash up. But at a restaurant in Mendoza, lady griller Virginia Lázaro is changing all that.
Sorrel Moseley-Williams

From the Tribe to the Table in the Colombian Amazon

Chef Cielo Gomez has spent the better part of a decade in the Tres Fronteras region of the Amazon, learning recipes from several indigenous tribes that she incorporates into her menu at El Cielo.
Ocean Malandra
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Why Peru’s Altiplano Farmers Eat Clay with Their Potatoes

Inhabitants of the Altiplano area of Peru have been eating clay since pre-Columbian times, more for its medicinal properties than earthy taste. I try it with chuño potatoes and golden ulluco tubers.
Tony Dunnell

How a Guy from Arizona Ended Up Running a One-Man Winery in Argentina

Brennan Firth moved to Mendoza from the US nine years ago to work the grape harvest and never went back. He now works nonstop in the Maipú region as a small-lot wine producer.
Sorrel Moseley-Williams

Eating My Way Through the Magic Fruits of the Amazon

“We only drink this at night,” my guide tells me of the hallucinogenic plant. “Even though it’s dark, we can see everything in the jungle like it’s daylight.”
Michaela Trimble